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Belonging to the ISO 216 series, the 2A0 paper size is a unique and intriguing dimension in the world of print. This colossal format measures an impressive 1189 x 1682 millimeters or approximately 46.8 x 66.2 inches, making it one of the largest standardized paper sizes available.

As part of the A series in ISO standards, its dimensions are derived from a logical and systematic approach. The height-to-width ratio remains constant for all sizes: a square root of two, ensuring that two sheets next to each other or one sheet folded in half parallel to its shortest sides will result in the same aspect ratio.

2A0 paper dimensions


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2A046.81 x 66.221189 x 1682119 x 1683370 x 4768
A120.51 x 0.7113 x 181 x 237 x 51
4A066.22 x 93.621682 x 2378168 x 2384768 x 6741
A110.71 x 1.0218 x 262 x 351 x 74
A101.02 x 1.4626 x 373 x 474 x 105
A3+12.95 x 19.02329 x 48333 x 48933 x 1369
A1+23.98 x 35.98609 x 91461 x 911726 x 2591
A0+35.98 x 50.87914 x 129291 x 1292591 x 3662
A64.13 x 5.83105 x 14811 x 15298 x 420
A55.83 x 8.27148 x 21015 x 21420 x 595
A48.27 x 11.69210 x 29721 x 30595 x 842
A311.69 x 16.54297 x 42030 x 42842 x 1191
A91.46 x 2.0537 x 524 x 5105 x 147
A216.54 x 23.39420 x 59442 x 591191 x 1684
A82.05 x 2.9152 x 745 x 7147 x 210
A123.39 x 33.11594 x 84159 x 841684 x 2384
A72.91 x 4.1374 x 1057 x 11210 x 298
A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

The sheer size of the 2A0 paper makes it ideal for large-scale applications such as architectural plans, engineering drawings, posters, banners and other forms of advertising where visibility from a distance is crucial. Its expansive surface area allows for detailed illustrations and comprehensive information display.

Despite its grandeur, this paper size isn't commonly used due to practicality issues related to printing equipment limitations and handling difficulties. However, when utilized effectively, it can create an impactful visual statement that's hard to ignore.

While not frequently encountered in everyday print scenarios due to its substantial dimensions and logistical challenges associated with its use; when leveraged appropriately - particularly within industries requiring large-scale visual communication - the potential impact offered by this mammoth-sized canvas known as '2A0' is undeniable.

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Interesting facts about 2A0

1. The Massive Size

2A0 paper is known for its massive size, measuring approximately 1189 x 1682 millimeters or 46.8 x 66.2 inches. It is one of the largest paper sizes available commercially.

2. Origin of the A Series

The A series of paper sizes, including 2A0, was first introduced in Germany in the early 20th century as part of the DIN standard (Deutsches Institut für Normung). It aimed to establish a consistent and standardized system for paper sizes.

3. Doubling in Size

The "2" in 2A0 indicates that it is twice the size of its predecessor, A0 paper. This means that if you were to fold a piece of A0 paper in half, it would become a 2A1 size; folding it again would result in a 2A2 size, and so on.

4. Limited Practical Use

Due to its enormous dimensions, practical applications for 2A0 paper are limited. It is primarily used for large-scale printing projects such as posters, banners, architectural plans, and engineering drawings.

5. Rarely Found Outside Printing Industry

You are unlikely to encounter or use 2A0 paper outside of professional printing environments or specialized industries where large-format prints are required.

6. International Variations

The A series standardizes paper sizes globally; however, some countries have their own variations based on local preferences and historical practices.

7. Historical Connection with ISO Standardization

In the late 20th century, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) adopted the A series paper sizes as an international standard, further solidifying its widespread use.

8. Efficient Paper Utilization

The A series is designed to maximize paper utilization and minimize waste. The aspect ratio of all A sizes is constant, with each size being exactly half the area of the next larger one.

9. Easy Scaling

One of the advantages of the A series is that scaling between sizes is straightforward. For example, reducing a 2A0 print by 50% would result in an A1 size print.

10. Commonly Used for Technical Drawings

2A0 paper, along with other large-format sizes in the A series, is commonly used for technical drawings in fields such as architecture, engineering, and construction due to its ability to accommodate detailed plans and diagrams.