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Belonging to the ISO 216 series, the A10 paper size is a unique entity in the realm of standardized paper dimensions. This particular size, measuring a mere 26 x 37mm, is the smallest in its series, making it an intriguing choice for specific applications.

Despite its diminutive stature, A10 holds its own in terms of utility. It's often employed for small-scale print jobs such as stamps or tiny labels. Its compact nature allows for precise detailing and intricate designs that larger formats may not accommodate as effectively.

A10 paper dimensions


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The A10 paper size adheres to the ISO 216 standard's aspect ratio of √2:1. This means that regardless of how you scale it up or down within the A series, it maintains consistent proportions. This feature ensures seamless transitions between different sizes within this series - a testament to the ingenuity behind ISO standards.

Interestingly enough, while ANSI standards are prevalent in North America, they do not include an equivalent to A10. This fact underscores the uniqueness of this particular paper size within global standards and highlights its distinct role within ISO's comprehensive system.

Despite being overshadowed by larger counterparts like A4 or A3 commonly used for documents and prints respectively; A10 stands out with its unique applications and adherence to international standards. It serves as a reminder that even in something as seemingly mundane as paper sizes; there exists diversity and specificity catering to various needs.

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Interesting facts about A10

1: A10 Paper Size

A10 paper is the smallest standardized paper size in the international ISO 216 series. It measures 26 mm × 37 mm or approximately 1.0 inch × 1.5 inches.

2: Origami Enthusiasts' Favorite

A10 paper is often favored by origami enthusiasts due to its small size, which allows for intricate and delicate folding techniques.

3: Rarely Used for Printing

A10 paper is rarely used for printing purposes as it is too small to accommodate any significant amount of text or images. Its primary use lies in specialized applications such as microprinting or miniature artwork.

4: Popular Collectible Item

Due to its unique size and limited availability, A10 paper has become a popular collectible item among stationery enthusiasts and collectors of rare papers.

5: Historical Significance

The A-series of paper sizes, including A10, was first introduced in Germany during the early twentieth century as part of the DIN standardization efforts. The goal was to establish a consistent system that would simplify printing and reduce waste.

6: Not Widely Recognized

In many countries outside Europe, particularly in North America, A10 paper may not be widely recognized or readily available due to the dominance of different paper sizing systems such as Letter or Legal sizes.

7: Common Use in Japan

In Japan, where compactness and efficiency are highly valued, A10-sized notebooks are sometimes used for jotting down quick notes or creating miniature sketches on-the-go.

8: A10 in the Digital World

In the digital realm, A10 paper size is often used as a reference for creating icons or small graphics for websites and mobile applications.

9: Challenging to Handle

Due to its tiny dimensions, A10 paper can be quite challenging to handle and work with. It requires precision and steady hands when folding or manipulating it.

10: Uniqueness in Paper Sizes

A10 paper stands out among other ISO 216 sizes due to its extreme smallness. Its existence showcases the versatility of paper as a medium that can be adapted to various needs and creative endeavors.