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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, A11 is a unique paper size that holds its own significance. This standard, recognized internationally, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different regions and industries. The A11 paper size is part of this series, which starts from A0 and extends up to A10 and beyond.

The dimensions of an A11 sheet are 14.8mm x 10.5mm or 0.58 inches x 0.41 inches for those preferring imperial measurements. It's worth noting that each 'A' series size is half the previous one when folded parallel to its shorter sides.

A11 paper dimensions


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What makes the ISO 216 standard fascinating is its aspect ratio - a consistent ratio of √2:1 across all sizes in the series, including A11. This means that regardless of how many times you fold or cut an ISO-standardized sheet along its shorter side, it will always retain its original aspect ratio.

A11 may not be as commonly used as larger sizes like A4 or A3 but it has specific applications where small dimensions are required such as ticketing systems or labeling items.

While being one of the smallest members in the ISO family, the humble yet versatile A11 plays a crucial role in various niche applications where precision and consistency matter most.

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Interesting facts about A11

1: A11 paper is not a standard paper size

A11 paper does not belong to the ISO 216 series, which is the international standard for paper sizes. It is considered an unconventional size and is not commonly used in commercial printing or office settings.

2: A11 paper has unique dimensions

The dimensions of A11 paper are 37 mm x 52 mm (1.5 inches x 2.0 inches). Its small size makes it impractical for most printing purposes, and it is often used for specialized applications such as miniature art or crafts.

3: A11 paper can be challenging to find

Due to its non-standard size, finding A11 paper can be difficult. It may not be readily available in stationery stores or online retailers that specialize in standard-sized papers. However, some specialty art supply stores may carry it.

4: A11 paper is part of a larger series

A11 belongs to a series of smaller-sized papers known as the "A" series. The A-series starts with the largest size, A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm), and each subsequent size is obtained by halving the previous one's dimensions while maintaining its aspect ratio.

5: The purpose of A11 paper varies

A11 paper's small dimensions make it suitable for various purposes such as creating tiny notes, labels, or intricate origami designs. Some artists also use it as a canvas for miniature paintings or drawings.

6: Historical origins of the ISO standard exclude A11

The ISO standard for paper sizes was established in Germany during the early twentieth century but did not include A11 in its original series. The standard aimed to provide a consistent and efficient paper sizing system for international use.

7: A11 paper is not compatible with larger sizes

Due to its significantly smaller dimensions, A11 paper cannot be easily scaled up or used in conjunction with larger standard sizes like A4 or A3. It is generally used independently for specific applications that require its unique size.

8: Limited printing options for A11 paper

Printing on A11 paper can be challenging due to its small size. Most commercial printers are not designed to handle such tiny sheets, making it necessary to seek specialized printing services or use personal inkjet or laser printers capable of handling custom sizes.

9: Rarely used in professional settings

A11 paper is rarely utilized in professional settings due to its limited practicality and availability. Its usage is mostly confined to niche artistic endeavors, personal crafts, or as novelty items.

10: Customization possibilities with A11 paper

The unconventional nature of A11 paper allows for creative customization options. Its small size makes it ideal for creating personalized business cards, unique gift tags, or miniature art prints that stand out from traditional formats.