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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, A12 paper size is a unique and intriguing member of the A series. This series, recognized globally except in North America where the ANSI standard prevails, is based on an aspect ratio of √2:1. The dimensions of each subsequent size in the series are determined by halving the preceding paper size along its larger dimension.

A12 paper size, though not commonly used due to its small dimensions, holds a distinctive place within this system. Measuring just 0.26 x 0.37 inches (6.7 x 9.5 mm), it's one of the smallest sizes in the A series hierarchy.

A12 paper dimensions


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Despite its diminutive stature, A12 has found niche applications in micro-printing and miniature art forms where precision and detail are paramount. It's also utilized for printing tiny labels or instructions that accompany miniature products or components.

While A12 may not be a household name like its larger counterparts such as A4 or A3, it plays an essential role within specific industries requiring minute detail and precision printing.

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Interesting facts about A12

1. A12 paper is not a standard paper size

A12 paper does not belong to the ISO 216 series, which is the international standard for paper sizes. It is not commonly used or readily available in most countries.

2. A12 paper dimensions

The dimensions of A12 paper are not fixed since it is not a standardized size. However, if we follow the pattern of the ISO 216 series, an A12 sheet would have an area of approximately 0.002 square meters.

3. Rarely used for printing

Due to its non-standard nature and limited availability, A12 paper is rarely used for printing purposes. It may be more commonly found in specialized applications or custom-made products.

4. Customization and specialty use

A12 paper may be utilized in specific industries or for unique purposes where non-standard sizes are required, such as art projects, crafts, or niche printing applications.

5. Non-conventional cutting requirements

If someone needs an A12-sized sheet from a larger standard-sized sheet (e.g., A0), it would require multiple cuts and careful calculations to achieve the desired dimensions accurately.

6. Limited availability

Due to its uncommon usage and lack of standardization, finding pre-cut A12 sheets can be challenging as most commercial printers do not stock this size regularly.

7. Custom order necessity

To obtain A12-sized sheets, one might need to place a custom order with a specialized printer who can accommodate non-standard sizes and provide tailored solutions.

8. Potential creative applications

The rarity of A12 paper makes it an interesting choice for artists and designers looking to create unique and unconventional pieces that stand out from the standard paper sizes.

9. Experimental paper size

A12 can be seen as an experimental paper size, often used by individuals or organizations pushing the boundaries of traditional printing and exploring new possibilities.

10. Not recognized by international standards

Since A12 is not part of the ISO 216 series, it is not officially recognized by international standards organizations or widely accepted in the global printing industry.