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Belonging to the ISO 216 series, B0+ is a unique paper size that stands out in its class. This standard, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ensures consistency in paper sizes worldwide. The B0+ size, specifically, measures an impressive 1414 x 1000 mm or approximately 55.7 x 39.4 inches.

What sets B0+ apart is its sheer scale. It's the largest in the ISO B series, designed to accommodate larger prints without compromising on quality or clarity. This makes it an ideal choice for posters, architectural drawings, and other large-scale print projects.

B0+ paper dimensions


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A72.91 x 4.1374 x 1057 x 11210 x 298
A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

The "+" in B0+ signifies a slight increase from the standard B0 dimensions of 1414 x 1000 mm to accommodate specific printing needs. This flexibility demonstrates how ISO standards can adapt to meet diverse requirements while maintaining overall uniformity.

Interestingly enough, the dimensions of all ISO paper sizes follow a specific aspect ratio of √2:1 - including our subject here: B0+. This ratio ensures that when you cut or fold any sheet from this series down its middle parallel to its shorter sides, you'll get two sheets of the next smaller size with identical proportions.

In comparison with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) paper sizes used predominantly in North America - such as 'Letter', 'Legal', and 'Tabloid' - ISO's B0+ offers more versatility for large format printing due to its greater dimensions.

Whether it's for professional blueprints or eye-catching advertising posters, choosing B0+ guarantees ample space and consistent proportions every time thanks to its adherence to globally recognized ISO standards.

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Interesting facts about B0+

The B0+ paper size is not part of the ISO 216 standard

Unlike other paper sizes in the B series, B0+ is not officially recognized by the ISO 216 standard. It is considered an unofficial size that falls between B0 and A0.

B0+ paper measures 1414 x 1000 millimeters

The dimensions of B0+ paper are 1414 millimeters in width and 1000 millimeters in height. This makes it slightly larger than a regular B1 size but smaller than a B0 size.

B0+ paper can be used for large-scale posters and banners

Due to its larger dimensions, B0+ paper is commonly used for printing large-scale posters, banners, and other promotional materials that require more space than standard sizes can provide.

B series papers originated from Germany

The international standard for paper sizes, including the B series, was first introduced by Walter Porstmann in Germany during the early twentieth century. The goal was to create a standardized system that would simplify printing processes.

B series papers have a square root of two aspect ratio

All papers within the ISO 216 B series have an aspect ratio of approximately square root of two (√2). This means that when you divide the longer side by the shorter side, you will always get approximately 1.414 (the square root of two).

B series papers are widely used for architectural drawings

Architects often use various sizes within the B series for their drawings and blueprints. The larger formats like B1 or even B0+ allow them to showcase detailed plans while still maintaining a manageable size.

B0+ paper is not commonly stocked by most paper suppliers

Due to its unofficial status and less common usage, B0+ paper is not typically stocked by many paper suppliers. It may require special ordering or custom cutting to obtain this specific size.

B0+ paper can be created by trimming down a B0 sheet

If you need B0+ paper but cannot find it readily available, it is possible to create it by trimming down a larger B0 sheet to the required dimensions of 1414 x 1000 millimeters.

B series papers are used in many countries around the world

The ISO 216 standard for paper sizes, including the B series, is widely adopted in numerous countries worldwide. This ensures compatibility and ease of use when sharing documents internationally.

B series papers are often used for printing books and magazines

While A series papers are commonly used for standard office documents, the larger sizes within the B series are frequently employed for printing books, magazines, and other publications that require more space for content layout.