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B Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 series, B0 is a paper size that stands out due to its impressive dimensions. With a surface area of 1 square meter, it measures 1000 x 1414 millimeters, making it the largest in the B series.

The B0 paper size is primarily used for large-scale applications such as posters, charts, and other visual displays. Its expansive size allows for clear visibility and readability from a distance, making it an ideal choice for presentations or public displays.

B0 paper dimensions


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Interestingly, the aspect ratio of B0 remains constant even when folded in half. This unique property stems from the √2 aspect ratio inherent in all ISO 216 series paper sizes. It ensures that two pages next to each other have the same height-to-width ratio as a single page, providing consistency across different sizes.

In comparison with ANSI standards prevalent in North America, there's no direct equivalent to B0. The closest match would be ARCH E1 which still falls short by approximately 16%. This highlights how ISO and ANSI standards diverge significantly when it comes to larger format sizes.

Despite its less frequent use compared to A-series counterparts like A4 or A3 due to its sheer size, B0 holds an essential place within professional settings where large-scale communication is required. Its ability to command attention makes it an invaluable tool within marketing and advertising sectors.

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Interesting facts about B0

The B0 paper size is one of the largest standard paper sizes in the world

B0 paper measures 1000mm x 1414mm, making it one of the largest standard paper sizes globally. It is commonly used for large-scale printing projects such as posters, banners, and architectural plans.

The B series paper sizes are based on a geometric progression

The B series of paper sizes, including B0, follows a geometric progression where each size is obtained by halving the longer side of the previous size. This ensures that each subsequent size maintains the same aspect ratio.

B0 paper originated in Germany

The B series of paper sizes was first introduced in Germany during the early 20th century. The DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standardization committee developed these sizes to provide a consistent and efficient system for printing and design.

B0 is part of an international standard for paper sizes

The B series, including B0, is part of ISO 216, an international standard for paper sizes established in 1975. This standard aims to promote compatibility and ease of use across different countries and industries.

B0 can be used to create larger formats through folding

While B0 itself is already a large format, it can be folded or cut into smaller sections to create even larger formats such as double-sided posters or multi-page brochures. This flexibility makes it a versatile choice for various printing needs.