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32 Sheet

32 Sheet

Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, the 32 Sheet paper size is a unique and intriguing format. This international standard, adopted by most countries worldwide, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different regions and industries. The 32 Sheet size is not commonly used for everyday printing or writing tasks but holds its own significance in specific applications.

The dimensions of a 32 Sheet paper are derived from the A0 size of the ISO series, which has an area of one square meter. The height and width of each subsequent size in this series are determined by halving the longer side of the preceding one. This systematic approach results in a set of sizes that are all proportionally related, providing flexibility and efficiency in scaling designs up or down.

32 Sheet paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect about this particular paper size is its use within outdoor advertising mediums such as billboards. Due to its large dimensions, it provides ample space for advertisers to create visually striking designs that capture attention from afar.

In terms of ANSI standards prevalent primarily in North America, there isn't a direct equivalent for the 32 Sheet format. However, understanding both these systems can be beneficial when dealing with international design projects or print jobs.

Overall, while it may not be your go-to choice for daily printing needs, the 32 Sheet paper size plays an essential role within specific sectors like advertising where visibility and impact are paramount.

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Interesting facts about 32 Sheet

1: The Origin of 32 Sheet Paper

32 Sheet paper, also known as Double Elephant, is a large paper size that originated in the early 19th century. It was initially used for printing maps and architectural drawings.

2: Dimensions of 32 Sheet Paper

The dimensions of a standard 32 Sheet paper are approximately 40 x 27 inches (1016 x 686 mm). However, slight variations in size can occur depending on the manufacturer or country.

3: Common Uses

Due to its large size, Double Elephant paper is commonly used for fine art prints, posters, and oversized illustrations. Its ample space allows for intricate details and vibrant colors.

4: Historical Significance

In the past, Double Elephant paper was often used by famous artists such as John James Audubon for his renowned bird illustrations. Its size allowed him to depict birds life-size with exceptional accuracy.

5: Weight and Thickness

A standard sheet of Double Elephant paper typically weighs around 140-200 grams per square meter (gsm). The thickness may vary slightly depending on the specific type or brand.

6: Production Challenges

Due to its large dimensions, manufacturing Double Elephant paper can be challenging. Specialized equipment is required to handle such massive sheets during production and printing processes.

7: Limited Availability

Owing to its niche usage and specialized production requirements, finding Double Elephant paper might be more difficult compared to standard sizes. It may not be readily available at all print shops or stationery stores.

8: International Variations

While the dimensions of 32 Sheet paper are relatively consistent, different countries may have their own names for this size. For example, in Germany, it is known as "Doppel-Raute," and in France, it is called "Double Éléphant."

9: Paper Series Classification

32 Sheet paper belongs to the A series of paper sizes standardized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It falls under the A0 category, which is the largest size in this series.

10: Versatility and Customization

Double Elephant paper can be cut or trimmed into smaller sizes according to specific requirements. This flexibility allows artists and printers to create various formats while still benefiting from its larger dimensions.