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6 Sheet

6 Sheet

Belonging to the ISO 216 series, the 6 Sheet paper size is a unique and versatile format. This international standard, adopted by countries worldwide except for the United States and Canada, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different regions.

The 6 Sheet size is not commonly used for everyday printing or writing tasks. Instead, it finds its primary application in the advertising industry. Specifically designed for outdoor advertising mediums such as billboards and posters, it measures approximately 1200 x 1800 mm or roughly 47.24 x 70.87 inches.

6 Sheet paper dimensions


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What sets this paper size apart is its ability to capture attention from a distance. Its large dimensions make it ideal for displaying high-impact visuals and bold text that can be easily seen by passersby, even from afar.

Despite its name suggesting otherwise, a '6 Sheet' does not equate to six sheets of any standard paper size like A4 or A3. The term 'Sheet' in this context refers to an old British measurement system where one sheet was approximately equivalent to a single square meter.

The 6 Sheet paper size plays an integral role in outdoor advertising due to its large dimensions and visibility from a distance. Its adherence to ISO standards ensures uniformity across different regions making it an internationally recognized format.

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Interesting facts about 6 Sheet

1. The Origin of 6 Sheet Paper

6 Sheet paper, also known as Double Crown, is a British standard paper size that originated in the 19th century. It was initially used for printing theatrical posters and advertising materials.

2. Dimensions of 6 Sheet Paper

The dimensions of 6 Sheet paper are approximately 30 x 40 inches or 762 x 1016 millimeters. It is twice the size of a standard Crown (15 x 20 inches) and four times the size of a Demy (7.5 x 10 inches).

3. Common Uses

Due to its large size, 6 Sheet paper is commonly used for outdoor advertising such as billboards and bus shelter posters. Its dimensions make it ideal for catching attention from a distance.

4. Equivalent Sizes in Other Countries

In other countries, similar sizes to the British Double Crown include the French Affiche (31 x 47 inches), German Plakat (23 x33 inches), and American One-Sheet (27 x41 inches). These sizes were developed independently but serve similar purposes.

5. Weight and Thickness

The weight and thickness of paper can vary depending on its composition, but generally, a standard weight for Double Crown/6 Sheet paper is around 80-100 grams per square meter (gsm). However, heavier weights are often used for durability in outdoor applications.

6. Printing Challenges

Due to its large size, printing on Double Crown/6 Sheet paper can be challenging as it requires specialized equipment capable of handling such dimensions without compromising print quality or registration accuracy.

7. Historical Significance

Double Crown/6 Sheet paper played a significant role in the history of advertising and entertainment industries. The large format allowed for eye-catching designs and visuals, contributing to the development of modern advertising techniques.

8. Transition to Digital Advertising

With the rise of digital advertising, the demand for physical 6 Sheet paper has decreased. However, it still holds value in certain contexts where a physical presence is desired or required.

9. Environmental Impact

The production and disposal of large-format paper like 6 Sheet can have environmental implications due to its size and quantity used in outdoor advertising campaigns. Sustainable alternatives such as recyclable or biodegradable materials are being explored.

10. Collectible Items

Vintage Double Crown/6 Sheet posters from past theatrical productions or iconic advertisements have become collectible items among enthusiasts and collectors, showcasing the historical significance and artistic value of this paper size.