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Demy Octavo

Demy Octavo

Recognized as a standard in the realm of paper sizes, Demy Octavo holds its unique position. Part of neither the ISO 216 series nor the ANSI/ASME Y14.1, it stands independently with its distinct dimensions and usage.

Demy Octavo, often simply referred to as 'Demy', measures approximately 5.5 x 8.5 inches (139 x 216 mm). This size is particularly favored in the publishing industry for its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Demy Octavo paper dimensions


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The term 'Octavo' refers to a page cut from a sheet of paper into eight leaves or sixteen pages. The Demy Octavo size is derived from this traditional method of paper cutting, which dates back to the times when paper was an expensive commodity and conserving it was paramount.

Interestingly, despite not being part of any standardized series like ISO or ANSI, Demy Octavo has carved out a niche for itself in specific industries such as book publishing and stationery production. Its compact yet spacious dimensions make it an ideal choice for novels, memoirs, and other literary works that require a balance between readability and portability.

Demy Octavo's unique blend of historical significance and modern-day utility makes it an intriguing subject within the world of paper sizes.

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Interesting facts about Demy Octavo

The Origin of Demy Octavo

Demy Octavo paper is a type of paper size that originated in England during the 19th century. It was commonly used for printing books and documents.

Dimensions of Demy Octavo

The dimensions of Demy Octavo paper are 5.5 x 8.5 inches or 140 x 216 mm. It is slightly larger than the popular A5 size, which measures 148 x 210 mm.

Part of the British Imperial Paper Sizes

Demy Octavo is part of the British Imperial Paper Sizes series, which includes various sizes such as Royal, Super Royal, Crown Quarto, and others.

Used for Pocket-Sized Books

Demy Octavo paper was often used for pocket-sized books due to its compact dimensions. It allowed for easy portability and reading on-the-go.

Popular in Victorian Era Literature

In the Victorian era, many classic novels were printed on Demy Octavo paper. This includes works by authors like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Charlotte Brontë.

Variations in Binding Styles

Different binding styles were used with Demy Octavo books depending on their purpose. Common options included hardcover bindings with leather or cloth covers.

Paper Weight and Thickness

Demy Octavo paper typically has a weight ranging from 60 to 80 grams per square meter (gsm). The thickness can vary based on the specific requirements of publishers and printers.

Transition to Metric System

In the mid-20th century, many countries transitioned from using imperial measurements to the metric system. As a result, the popularity of Demy Octavo paper declined.

Modern Usage

While Demy Octavo is not as commonly used today, it still finds applications in certain niche areas such as limited edition book printing or for creating vintage-style notebooks and journals.

Paper Quality and Texture

Demy Octavo paper is known for its smooth texture and high-quality finish. It provides a pleasant writing surface and enhances the overall reading experience.