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Royal Octavo

Royal Octavo

Renowned for its distinctive dimensions, the Royal Octavo paper size is a unique member of the Octavo family. This format, measuring approximately 6.5 x 10 inches (165 x 254 mm), is neither part of the ISO nor ANSI series, setting it apart from more standardized paper sizes.

The Royal Octavo's name derives from its traditional use in book production. Historically, printers would create eight pages of text on one large sheet of paper, which was then folded three times to produce an octavo format. The 'Royal' prefix indicates a larger-than-average size within this category.

Royal Octavo paper dimensions


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Despite its non-standard dimensions, the Royal Octavo has found favor in various applications due to its practical and aesthetically pleasing proportions. It's particularly popular in publishing industries for hardcover books and novels where it provides ample space for text while maintaining a comfortable handheld size.

Interestingly, this format also holds historical significance as it was frequently used by famous authors such as Charles Dickens and Jane Austen in their first editions. This lends an air of classic elegance to any publication printed on Royal Octavo-sized paper.

While not conforming to ISO or ANSI standards may seem like a disadvantage at first glance; the unique characteristics and rich history associated with the Royal Octavo make it an intriguing choice for those seeking to differentiate their print materials from more conventional formats.

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Interesting facts about Royal Octavo

1: Origin of Royal Octavo

Royal Octavo paper size originated in the early 19th century in England. It was initially used for printing books and documents that required a larger format than the standard octavo size.

2: Paper Dimensions

Royal Octavo paper measures approximately 6.5 x 10 inches (165 x 254 mm). It is slightly taller and narrower compared to the standard octavo size.

3: Common Usage

Royal Octavo paper is commonly used for printing novels, poetry collections, and other literary works. Its dimensions provide a comfortable reading experience while maintaining a compact form.

4: Historical Significance

In the past, Royal Octavo was often associated with prestigious publications due to its elegant proportions. Many classic novels and important historical documents were printed on this paper size.

5: Global Variations

The Royal Octavo size is not universally standardized across countries. Different regions may have slight variations in dimensions, but they generally fall within a similar range.

6: Paper Series Classification

Royal Octavo belongs to the A series of paper sizes, which includes other popular sizes like A0, A1, A2, etc. These sizes are based on mathematical formulas that maintain consistent proportions when scaling up or down.

7: Versatile Printing Options

Royal Octavo can be printed using various techniques such as offset printing, digital printing, or even letterpress for a more traditional look. Its dimensions make it compatible with most modern printing equipment.

8: Availability and Accessibility

Royal Octavo paper is widely available in stationery stores and online retailers. Its popularity ensures that it can be easily sourced for both professional printing projects and personal use.

9: Environmental Considerations

When choosing Royal Octavo paper, it is important to consider its environmental impact. Opting for recycled or sustainably sourced paper helps reduce deforestation and promotes eco-friendly printing practices.

10: Paper Weight Options

Royal Octavo paper comes in various weights, ranging from lightweight options suitable for novels to heavier stocks used for art books or special editions. The choice of weight depends on the intended use and desired durability of the printed material.