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Super Octavo

Super Octavo

Super Octavo, a term often used in the world of book production and printing, refers to a specific paper size. This size is not part of any standard ISO or ANSI series, making it unique in its own right. It measures approximately 6.5 x 10 inches (165 x 254 mm), offering an optimal balance between readability and portability.

The Super Octavo format is traditionally associated with hardcover books, particularly those of literary classics and academic texts. Its dimensions provide ample space for detailed illustrations and complex layouts without compromising the overall aesthetic appeal or legibility.

Super Octavo paper dimensions


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Interestingly, the term 'Octavo' originates from the practice of folding a full sheet of paper three times to produce eight leaves or sixteen pages. The 'Super' prefix indicates that it's larger than the standard Octavo size but smaller than the Royal Octavo.

Super Octavo stands as an intriguing choice for publishers seeking a distinctive yet practical format for their printed materials. Its historical significance coupled with its functional benefits make it an appealing option in today's diverse publishing landscape.

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Interesting facts about Super Octavo

1: Super Octavo Paper Size

Super Octavo is a paper size that measures 7.5 x 10 inches (190 x 254 mm). It falls within the octavo series, which is derived from the folding of a standard sheet of paper into eight equal parts.

2: Historical Origins

The octavo series dates back to the late medieval period when manuscripts were commonly produced in this format. The term "octavo" comes from the Latin word "octavus," meaning eighth.

3: Common Usage

Super Octavo paper is often used for printing books, especially novels and non-fiction works. Its compact size makes it convenient for reading and handling.

4: Bookbinding Considerations

The Super Octavo format allows for efficient bookbinding as it minimizes waste during the cutting and folding process. This makes it a cost-effective choice for publishers.

5: International Variations

In some countries, such as Germany and France, Super Octavo is known by different names. In Germany, it is called "Kleinoktav," while in France, it is referred to as "In-8° carré."

6: Similar Sizes in Different Series

The dimensions of Super Octavo are similar to those of Royal Quarto (10 x 12.5 inches) in the quarto series and Medium Sextodecimo (5 x 7.5 inches) in the sextodecimo series.

7: Paper Weight Considerations

The weight or thickness of Super Octavo paper can vary depending on its intended use. It is available in a range of weights, from lightweight for novels to heavier options for art books or journals.

8: Paper Texture and Finish

Super Octavo paper comes in various textures and finishes, including smooth, matte, glossy, and textured. The choice of texture can enhance the reading experience or complement the content of the printed material.

9: Environmental Impact

Many Super Octavo papers are now produced using sustainable practices and materials. Recycled paper options are available, reducing the environmental impact associated with paper production.

10: Digital Alternatives

In today's digital age, Super Octavo-sized e-books have gained popularity. They offer readers a portable and convenient way to access literature without the need for physical paper.