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Super Royal

Super Royal

Super Royal, a paper size that stands out in the realm of print media, is not just another standard size. It's an embodiment of grandeur and sophistication. Part of neither the ISO nor ANSI series, Super Royal carves its own niche in the world of paper sizes.

Measuring 27 x 20 inches (686 x 508 mm), Super Royal offers a generous canvas for creative expression. Its dimensions make it ideal for large format printing projects such as posters, maps, and architectural plans. The expansive space allows designers to incorporate intricate details without compromising on clarity or legibility.

Super Royal paper dimensions


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The unique aspect ratio of Super Royal also lends itself well to bookbinding and portfolio presentations. When folded down the middle, it creates two pages that are pleasingly proportional and aesthetically balanced.

Despite its non-standard status, Super Royal has found favor among discerning printers and publishers who value its distinctive proportions and versatility. It's a testament to the fact that sometimes stepping outside established norms can lead to exceptional results.

Super Royal is more than just a paper size - it's a statement piece that commands attention and leaves an indelible impression.

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Interesting facts about Super Royal

1: Super Royal Paper Size

Super Royal paper is a specific paper size that measures 20 x 27 inches (508 x 686 mm). It falls within the category of large-sized papers and is commonly used for printing posters, book covers, and other promotional materials.

2: Origin of Super Royal

The Super Royal paper size originated in the United Kingdom during the mid-19th century. It was initially used for printing royal proclamations and official documents.

3: Part of British Imperial Paper Sizes

The Super Royal paper size is part of the British Imperial series, which includes various standardized sizes such as Crown, Demy, Double Crown, Quad Crown, and others. These sizes were widely used in the British Empire and its colonies.

4: Metric Equivalent

In metric measurements, Super Royal paper is approximately equivalent to A2 size (420 x 594 mm). However, it should be noted that A-series papers are more commonly used internationally compared to British Imperial sizes.

5: Usage in Fine Art Printing

Super Royal paper is often favored by artists for fine art printing due to its larger dimensions. Its ample space allows for intricate details and vibrant colors to be showcased effectively on prints.

6: Limited Availability

In recent years, the availability of Super Royal-sized papers has become somewhat limited. This can make it challenging to find this specific size in certain regions or print shops.

7: Customization Possibilities

Owing to its larger dimensions, Super Royal paper offers greater customization possibilities. It can be easily trimmed or cut to create unique sizes or shapes, making it a versatile choice for various printing projects.

8: Weight and Thickness Options

Super Royal paper is available in different weights and thicknesses, allowing users to select the most suitable option based on their specific printing requirements. This flexibility makes it suitable for both lightweight and heavyweight applications.

9: Environmental Considerations

When choosing Super Royal paper or any other type of paper, it is important to consider its environmental impact. Opting for papers made from sustainable sources or those with eco-friendly certifications can help reduce the ecological footprint associated with paper production.

10: Historical Significance

The use of Super Royal-sized papers in official documents during the British Empire era adds a touch of historical significance to this particular paper size. It serves as a reminder of the rich heritage and traditions associated with print media.