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Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback, a popular format in the publishing industry, is often associated with the ISO A series of paper sizes. Specifically, it aligns closely with the A5 size, measuring approximately 5.8 x 8.3 inches (148 x 210 mm). This size is widely recognized for its practicality and convenience.

As part of the ISO A series, Trade Paperback adheres to an aspect ratio of √2:1. This unique ratio ensures that when a sheet is cut in half parallel to its shorter sides, it retains the same aspect ratio as before - a feature that sets this series apart from others.

Trade Paperback paper dimensions


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The Trade Paperback format offers an optimal balance between readability and portability. Its dimensions provide ample space for text without making the book too bulky or heavy to carry around. This makes it a preferred choice among avid readers who enjoy reading on-the-go.

Interestingly enough, despite being part of an international standard series (ISO), Trade Paperback's popularity varies across different regions. It's more prevalent in North America and less so in Europe where other formats like B-format paperback are more common.

Trade Paperback stands out due to its practical size that combines readability with portability and its unique adherence to the √2:1 aspect ratio as part of the ISO A series.

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Interesting facts about Trade Paperback

1: Trade Paperback Paper is commonly known as "Book Paper"

Trade Paperback Paper, also referred to as "Book Paper," is a type of paper specifically designed for printing books. It is lightweight and has a smooth finish, making it ideal for high-quality book printing.

2: It is typically made from wood pulp

Trade Paperback Paper is predominantly made from wood pulp. The wood fibers are processed and refined to create a durable yet flexible paper that can withstand the rigors of bookbinding and handling.

3: It comes in various weights and thicknesses

Trade Paperback Paper comes in different weights and thicknesses, allowing publishers to choose the most suitable option for their specific book projects. Common weights range from 50 gsm (grams per square meter) to 120 gsm.

4: It has excellent opacity

Opacity refers to how much light can pass through a sheet of paper. Trade Paperback Paper has excellent opacity, which means it prevents text or images printed on one side of the page from showing through on the other side, ensuring clear readability.

5: Acid-free options are available

To ensure the longevity of books printed on Trade Paperback Paper, acid-free options are available. Acid-free paper contains alkaline substances that neutralize acids present in wood pulp, preventing yellowing and deterioration over time.

6: It is compatible with various printing techniques

Trade Paperback Paper works well with different printing techniques such as offset lithography, digital printing, and even some types of inkjet printing. Its smooth surface allows for sharp image reproduction and vibrant colors.

7: It is commonly used for novels, non-fiction books, and graphic novels

Trade Paperback Paper is the go-to choice for printing novels, non-fiction books, and graphic novels. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle while providing a professional look and feel.

8: It can be coated or uncoated

Trade Paperback Paper comes in both coated and uncoated options. Coated paper has a smooth finish that enhances color vibrancy and sharpness, while uncoated paper offers a more natural texture.

9: It is part of the ISO A series paper sizes

The ISO A series paper sizes are widely used globally. Trade Paperback Paper typically falls under the A5 or A6 size category within this series, which provides standardized dimensions for efficient printing and binding processes.

10: It has a long history dating back to ancient times

The use of paper dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations such as China and Egypt. The development of Trade Paperback Paper as we know it today has evolved over centuries of advancements in papermaking techniques.