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Canadian Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, P4 paper size is a unique and often overlooked member of the A series. This specific format measures 75 x 105 millimeters, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Despite its smaller dimensions, P4 holds its own in the realm of professional and personal use. Its compact size makes it perfect for creating pocket-sized notebooks, small brochures or mini catalogues. It's also frequently used in ticketing systems due to its convenient size.

P4 paper dimensions


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The ISO 216 standard that P4 adheres to is internationally recognized and widely accepted. This ensures consistency across different countries and industries, making it easier for businesses to operate globally without worrying about paper size discrepancies.

Interestingly enough, the dimensions of P4 are derived from the A0 paper size - the largest in the A series - which has an area of one square meter. Each subsequent size in this series is defined by halving the preceding one parallel to its shorter sides. Thus, P4 maintains a consistent aspect ratio that allows for seamless scaling without distortion.

While not as commonly used as its larger counterparts like A4 or Letter sizes from ANSI series, P4 offers unique advantages due to its compactness and adherence to international standards. It's a testament to how even seemingly minor details can have significant implications in design and functionality.

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Interesting facts about P4

P4 Paper: Weird and Interesting Facts

1. P4 paper is a specific type of paper that belongs to the ISO 216 standard series.

2. The ISO 216 standard series was first introduced in the 1970s and is now widely used for paper sizes globally.

3. P4 paper measures approximately 560 mm x 860 mm, making it larger than the commonly known A4 size.

4. The P-series of paper sizes were initially developed for technical drawings and blueprints, where larger dimensions were required.

5. Despite its larger size, P4 paper is not commonly used in everyday printing or office settings due to its specialized nature.

6. The ISO 216 standard series includes both A-series (A0, A1, A2, etc.) and B-series (B0, B1, B2, etc.) papers which are more commonly used worldwide.

7. P4 paper falls under the B-series category of papers within the ISO 216 standard series.

8. The aspect ratio of P4 paper is approximately equal to √2 (√2 ≈ 1.414), just like other papers in the ISO 216 series.

9. In some countries or industries that still rely heavily on physical blueprints or technical drawings, P4-sized sheets may be used for specific purposes such as architectural plans or engineering designs.

10. Due to its specialized use and limited demand compared to other sizes within the ISO 216 standard series, finding pre-cut P4-sized sheets can be more challenging than obtaining common sizes like A3 or A2 papers.