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RD2, a unique paper size, holds its own in the world of standard paper dimensions. As part of the ISO 216 series, it adheres to international standards, ensuring global compatibility and recognition. The ISO 216 series is renowned for its aspect ratio of 1:√2 (approximately 1.4142), which RD2 maintains with precision.

What sets RD2 apart is its distinctive dimension. Measuring at an exact 432 x 559 millimeters or approximately 17 x 22 inches, it's larger than your typical A4 sheet but smaller than an A3. This makes RD2 an ideal choice for specific applications where neither too small nor too large a size will suffice.

RD2 paper dimensions


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Interestingly enough, RD2 also finds itself aligned with the ANSI series - specifically ANSI B or 'Tabloid' size - which measures at exactly the same dimensions as RD2. This dual alignment with both ISO and ANSI standards further enhances its versatility and global acceptance.

The use of RD2 extends across various industries and professions. From architectural drawings to graphic design layouts, from marketing materials to technical diagrams – this paper size accommodates a wide range of needs while maintaining clarity and readability.

When you choose RD2 as your preferred paper size, you're opting for international standardization, versatile application potentiality and optimal space utilization – all wrapped up in one neat package.

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Interesting facts about RD2

1: RD2 Paper is a Specialty Paper

RD2 paper is a type of specialty paper that is specifically designed for use in high-speed inkjet printers. It has unique properties that allow it to absorb ink quickly and evenly, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints.

2: RD2 Paper is Resistant to Curling

One of the key features of RD2 paper is its resistance to curling. This makes it ideal for printing large volumes of documents, as it stays flat and prevents jams or misfeeds in the printer.

3: RD2 Paper Has High Opacity

RD2 paper has a high opacity level, which means that it has excellent show-through resistance. This makes it perfect for double-sided printing, as text or images from one side will not be visible on the other side.

4: RD2 Paper Is Acid-Free

To ensure long-lasting prints, RD2 paper is made using acid-free materials. Acid-free paper prevents yellowing or deterioration over time, making it suitable for archival purposes or important documents that need to be preserved.

5: RD2 Paper Meets Environmental Standards

RD2 paper is often manufactured using sustainable practices and meets various environmental standards. It may be certified by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or made from recycled materials, reducing its impact on the environment.

6: The Origin of "RD" in RD2 Paper

The term "RD" in RD2 stands for "Roll Digital." It signifies that this type of paper is primarily used with roll-fed digital printers rather than traditional sheet-fed printers.

7: RD2 Paper Sizes

RD2 paper is available in various sizes, including standard sizes such as A4 (210mm x 297mm) and letter (8.5" x 11"). However, it can also be custom-cut to fit specific printer requirements or unique project needs.

8: RD2 Paper Thickness

The thickness of RD2 paper can vary depending on the specific product or manufacturer. It is commonly available in different weights, ranging from lightweight options suitable for everyday printing to heavier weights for more professional applications.

9: RD2 Paper Coatings

RD2 paper may come with different coatings to enhance its print quality and durability. Common coatings include matte, gloss, or satin finishes, each offering distinct characteristics such as reduced glare or enhanced color vibrancy.

10: RD2 Paper Applications

RD2 paper is widely used in various industries and applications. It is commonly employed for high-volume printing tasks like transactional documents (invoices, statements), direct mailings, marketing materials, and even fine art reproductions.