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The RD6 paper size, a unique and less commonly known dimension, holds its own significance in the realm of standardized paper sizes. As part of the ISO 216 standard, it is meticulously designed to meet specific requirements and applications.

RD6 measures 192 × 288 millimeters or approximately 7.56 × 11.34 inches. This particular size is not part of the more familiar A, B, or C series in the ISO standards nor does it belong to any ANSI series. Instead, it falls under the RA & SRA untrimmed paper series which are primarily used by commercial printers.

RD6 paper dimensions


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What sets RD6 apart from other sizes is its aspect ratio - a perfect square root of two (1:√2). This unique characteristic ensures that when you cut or fold an RD6 sheet in half along its larger side, you get two smaller sheets with exactly the same aspect ratio as the original.

This feature makes RD6 an efficient choice for printing projects that require scaling without compromising layout proportions. It's also worth noting that this mathematical elegance is a defining trait across all ISO 216 standard paper sizes.

While RD6 may not be as widely recognized as A4 or Letter size papers, it plays a crucial role in specialized printing processes due to its unique dimensions and scalability features inherent to ISO standards.

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Interesting facts about RD6

1: RD6 Paper is a Specialty Paper

RD6 paper is a specialty paper that is specifically designed for use in high-speed inkjet printers. It has unique properties that allow it to absorb ink quickly and evenly, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints.

2: RD6 Paper is Water-Resistant

One of the key features of RD6 paper is its water-resistant nature. This means that the prints made on this type of paper are less likely to smudge or blur when exposed to moisture, making it ideal for outdoor signage or documents that may come into contact with liquids.

3: RD6 Paper has a Glossy Finish

RD6 paper typically has a glossy finish, which gives the prints a professional and polished look. The glossy surface enhances color vibrancy and provides a smooth texture, making it suitable for printing photographs or marketing materials.

4: RD6 Paper is Acid-Free

To ensure longevity and preservation of printed materials, RD6 paper is acid-free. Acid-free papers are less prone to yellowing or deteriorating over time, making them suitable for archival purposes or important documents that need to be preserved for an extended period.

5: RD6 Paper Meets Environmental Standards

RD6 paper often meets various environmental standards such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This means that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests and promotes sustainable practices in the paper industry.

6: RD Series Papers Originated in Japan

The "RD" series papers were originally developed by Japanese manufacturers who aimed to create high-quality papers specifically tailored for digital printing technologies like inkjet printers. RD6 paper is part of this series, which includes different variations for various printing needs.

7: RD6 Paper Size is Equivalent to B5

The RD6 paper size measures approximately 182 mm x 257 mm, which is equivalent to the B5 size in the ISO 216 standard. This makes it slightly smaller than a standard letter-sized paper (8.5" x 11") commonly used in North America.

8: RD6 Paper Thickness Varies

The thickness or weight of RD6 paper can vary depending on the manufacturer and intended use. It typically ranges from around 80 gsm (grams per square meter) to 120 gsm, providing options for different printing requirements and preferences.

9: RD6 Paper Offers Fast Drying Time

Due to its ink absorption properties, prints made on RD6 paper tend to dry quickly compared to other types of papers. This feature is particularly beneficial when handling large print volumes or when immediate handling or distribution of printed materials is required.

10: RD Series Papers are Widely Used in Commercial Printing

The versatility and quality of the RD series papers, including RD6, have made them popular choices in commercial printing applications such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, and promotional materials. Their compatibility with high-speed inkjet printers has contributed to their widespread adoption in various industries.