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Columbian Series

1/4 pliego

1/4 pliego

The 1/4 pliego paper size, a unique and often overlooked dimension in the world of print, holds its own distinctive charm. As part of neither the ISO nor ANSI series, it stands apart from the standard A4 or Letter sizes that are commonly recognized.

Originating from Spanish-speaking countries, 'pliego' translates to 'sheet', with 1/4 pliego representing a quarter of a full sheet. This specific size is particularly prevalent in Latin America where it's frequently used for various printing needs such as posters, flyers, and brochures.

1/4 pliego paper dimensions


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Measuring approximately 35 x 50 cm (or roughly 13.78 x 19.69 inches), the 1/4 pliego offers ample space for creative expression while maintaining an easily manageable size for distribution and display. Its dimensions strike a balance between visibility and convenience - large enough to catch attention yet compact enough to handle with ease.

Despite its non-conformity to ISO or ANSI standards, the versatility of the 1/4 pliego makes it an intriguing choice for businesses seeking to differentiate their printed materials from those using more conventional paper sizes.

While not as widely recognized as its ISO or ANSI counterparts, the unique characteristics of the 1/4 pliego paper size make it an interesting option worth considering in your next print project.

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Interesting facts about 1/4 pliego

1. The Origin of 1/4 Pliego Paper

1/4 pliego paper is a traditional paper size that originated in Spain during the 16th century. It was commonly used for printing books, documents, and other written materials.

2. Dimensions of 1/4 Pliego Paper

The dimensions of 1/4 pliego paper vary slightly depending on the region, but it is generally around 32 x 45 centimeters (12.6 x 17.7 inches). This makes it smaller than a standard letter-sized paper.

3. Folding Technique

The name "pliego" comes from the Spanish word for "fold." A full pliego paper would be folded into quarters to create four smaller sheets, hence the name "1/4 pliego."

4. Common Usage

In the past, 1/4 pliego paper was widely used for printing newspapers, pamphlets, and small books due to its convenient size and ease of handling.

5. Historical Significance

This type of paper played a crucial role in disseminating information during important historical events such as revolutions and political movements.

6. Transition to Modern Sizes

In modern times, with the standardization of paper sizes across different countries, the use of traditional sizes like 1/2 or 1/8 pliego has diminished significantly.

7. Preservation Challenges

Due to its age and fragility, preserving original documents printed on 1/2 or 1/8 pliego papers can be quite challenging for archivists and conservators.


As there is no specific mention of 1/4 pliego paper, it is possible that the term "1/4 pliego" may not be widely recognized or used in the context of paper sizes. However, the information provided above about traditional Spanish paper sizes and their historical significance should still be relevant and interesting.