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Columbian Series

Extra Tabloide

Extra Tabloide

The Extra Tabloid paper size, also known as the Arch C in the ANSI series, is a unique and versatile format. Measuring 457 x 610 mm or 18 x 24 inches, it offers ample space for various applications.

As part of the ANSI series, Extra Tabloid adheres to an internationally recognized standard. This ensures consistency and compatibility across different printing devices and software. The ANSI series was developed by the American National Standards Institute to provide a uniform system of sizes that can be used globally.

Extra Tabloide paper dimensions


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Extra Tabloid's generous dimensions make it ideal for large-scale print projects such as posters, architectural drawings, or detailed diagrams. Its size allows for clear visibility of intricate details and makes a bold visual impact when displayed.

Interestingly, despite its name suggesting tabloid-style journalism, Extra Tabloid is more commonly used in professional settings such as architecture and engineering due to its large format. It provides professionals with a broad canvas to work on while maintaining precision and clarity in their designs.

Extra Tabloid is not just another paper size; it's an essential tool for professionals requiring large-format prints that adhere to international standards. Its versatility combined with its adherence to the ANSI series makes it an invaluable asset in various industries.

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Interesting facts about Extra Tabloide

1: Extra Tabloide Paper Size

Extra Tabloide is a paper size that measures 19 x 27 inches (483 x 686 mm). It is commonly used for printing large posters, architectural drawings, and other oversized documents.

2: Origin of the Term "Tabloid"

The term "tabloid" originally referred to a type of newspaper format that was smaller in size compared to traditional broadsheet newspapers. The Extra Tabloide paper size is named after this format.

3: Historical Use in Newspapers

In the past, Extra Tabloide paper was commonly used by newspapers for printing double-page spreads or centerfolds. Its large size allowed for impactful visual presentations and attention-grabbing headlines.

4: Similarity to ISO B2 Paper Size

The dimensions of Extra Tabloide paper are very close to the ISO B2 paper size (500 x 707 mm). However, there is a slight difference in width, with Extra Tabloide being slightly narrower.

5: Limited Availability

Due to its specialized use and larger dimensions, Extra Tabloide paper may not be as readily available as standard sizes like letter or legal. It is often found in specialty print shops or ordered from suppliers who cater specifically to large-format printing needs.

6: Common Applications

Besides its use in newspapers and posters, Extra Tabloide paper is also popular for printing maps, blueprints, promotional materials like event banners or trade show displays, and artistic prints.

7: Weight Variations

The weight of Extra Tabloide paper can vary depending on its intended use. It is available in various weights, ranging from lightweight options suitable for posters to heavier stocks used for architectural drawings or fine art prints.

8: Compatibility with Large-Format Printers

Extra Tabloide paper is compatible with large-format printers that can handle its dimensions. These printers often utilize roll-fed or sheet-fed mechanisms to accommodate the size and weight of the paper.

9: International Variations

While Extra Tabloide is a common size in North America, other countries may have their own equivalent sizes for large-format printing. For example, in Europe, A2 (420 x 594 mm) and A1 (594 x 841 mm) are commonly used.

10: Environmental Considerations

When choosing Extra Tabloide paper or any other type of paper, it's important to consider its environmental impact. Opting for recycled or sustainably sourced papers can help reduce deforestation and promote eco-friendly printing practices.