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Columbian Series



Oficio, a paper size standard prevalent in Latin America, holds a unique position in the world of documentation. Unlike the ISO A series or ANSI sizes commonly used in North America and Europe, Oficio measures 215.9mm by 340.4mm (8.5 inches by 13.4 inches). This distinctive dimension makes it slightly longer than the familiar 'Letter' size.

Despite its regional popularity, Oficio is not part of any international standardization like ISO or ANSI series. Instead, it's a testament to regional preferences and historical practices that have stood the test of time.

Oficio paper dimensions


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The elongated format of Oficio offers an additional advantage for certain types of documents such as legal contracts or detailed reports where extra vertical space can enhance readability and presentation.

While Oficio may not be globally recognized like its ISO or ANSI counterparts, it serves an essential role within its sphere of influence - proving that sometimes local standards can hold their own against global norms.

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Interesting facts about Oficio

1. The Origin of Oficio Paper

Oficio paper, also known as Foolscap paper, has its origins in the British legal system. It was initially used for legal documents and court records in the 16th century.

2. Foolscap Size

The original Foolscap paper size was approximately 13.5 x 17 inches (34 x 43 cm). It got its name from the watermark of a fool's cap that was often present on the paper.

3. Transition to Metric System

In the mid-19th century, many countries transitioned to using metric-based paper sizes. As a result, Foolscap size was standardized to be slightly larger than A4 size, measuring around 8.5 x 13 inches (21.6 x 33 cm).

4. Popular in Commonwealth Countries

Oficio or Foolscap paper is still widely used in Commonwealth countries such as Australia, India, and South Africa for official documents and stationery.

5. Legal Pleading Paper

In the United States, Oficio or Foolscap size is commonly used for legal pleading papers filed with courts.

6. Versatile Usage

Besides legal documents and court records, Oficio paper is also popularly used for writing letters, printing forms, creating booklets or pamphlets.

7. Watermark Tradition

The tradition of having a watermark on Oficio or Foolscap paper continues even today in some high-quality stationery brands that add elegance and authenticity to their products.

8. Historical Importance

Foolscap paper played a significant role in preserving historical records and legal documents, providing valuable insights into the social, political, and legal aspects of different eras.

9. Transition to Digital Era

With the increasing digitization of documents, the usage of Oficio or Foolscap paper has declined over time. However, it still holds its importance in certain professional settings.

10. Symbolic Representation

The Foolscap size and paper type have become symbolic representations of official documentation and bureaucracy due to their historical usage in legal systems worldwide.