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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, Carré is a unique paper size that stands out in its square shape. Unlike the more common rectangular formats, Carré's dimensions are equal on all sides, offering a symmetrical canvas for design and print.

ISO 216, an international standard for paper sizes, includes Carré as part of its diverse range. This standard is widely recognized and used across the globe, excluding North America where the ANSI series prevails. The inclusion of Carré in this globally accepted standard underscores its versatility and universal appeal.

Carré paper dimensions


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The square format of Carré presents intriguing opportunities for designers and printers alike. It breaks away from traditional layouts, offering a fresh perspective that can capture attention instantly. This makes it an excellent choice for projects that aim to disrupt norms and make a bold statement.

Despite its unconventional shape, Carré maintains compatibility with most printing devices. This ensures that while it offers novelty in design possibilities, it does not compromise on practicality or accessibility.

Carré is more than just another paper size in the ISO 216 series; it's an opportunity to think outside the box - quite literally - and create designs that are as unique as they are impactful.

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Interesting facts about Carré

1: Carré paper is named after its square shape

Carré paper gets its name from the French word "carré," which means square. This type of paper is perfectly square in shape, with equal dimensions on all sides.

2: Carré paper is commonly used for origami

Due to its square shape and excellent folding properties, Carré paper is a popular choice for origami enthusiasts. Its uniform size and thickness make it ideal for creating intricate origami designs.

3: Carré paper comes in various sizes

Carré paper is available in different sizes, ranging from small squares (e.g., 6x6 inches) to larger ones (e.g., 12x12 inches). This variety allows artists and crafters to choose the perfect size for their projects.

4: Carré paper has a smooth texture

Carré paper typically has a smooth surface texture, making it pleasant to touch and work with. The smoothness of the paper enhances the precision of folds and creases when used for origami or other crafts.

5: Carré paper can be found in various colors

In addition to traditional white or off-white options, Carré paper comes in a wide range of vibrant colors. This color variety adds an extra element of creativity and visual appeal to any project using this type of paper.

6: Carré papers are often acid-free

To ensure longevity and preservation of artwork or crafts made with Carré papers, many manufacturers produce acid-free versions. Acid-free papers are less prone to yellowing or deteriorating over time, making them suitable for archival purposes.

7: Carré paper is commonly used for bookbinding

Due to its durability and square shape, Carré paper is frequently employed in bookbinding. It can be used as endpapers or for creating covers, providing both functionality and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

8: Carré paper has a long history

The use of square-shaped papers can be traced back to ancient times. In Japan, traditional origami papers were often square-shaped, and this practice has been passed down through generations. The popularity of Carré paper continues to grow worldwide.

9: Carré paper is versatile

Carré paper's versatility extends beyond origami and bookbinding. It can also be used for various other crafts such as card making, scrapbooking, collage art, and even certain types of printmaking techniques.

10: Carré paper promotes precision in artwork

The uniformity of size and shape in Carré paper allows artists to focus on precise details without worrying about irregularities or inconsistencies. This feature makes it an excellent choice for intricate drawings or designs that require accuracy.