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French Series

Colombier affiche

Colombier affiche

Colombier Affiche, a unique paper size, stands out in the realm of print media. It's not part of any standard ISO or ANSI series, making it an intriguing choice for specific applications.

Measuring 900 x 1300 mm, Colombier Affiche offers a generous canvas for designers and advertisers. Its large format is ideal for creating impactful posters and billboards that demand attention. The size allows for high-resolution imagery and bold typography to be displayed with clarity and impact.

Colombier affiche paper dimensions


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The name 'Colombier' has historical roots in the French paper industry. It was originally used to describe a type of paper used by printers during the Renaissance period. Today, it continues to carry an air of sophistication and uniqueness.

Despite its non-standard dimensions, Colombier Affiche is widely available from specialized paper suppliers. This accessibility ensures that designers can leverage its unique properties without logistical challenges.

Colombier Affiche is a distinctive paper size that offers significant advantages in terms of visual impact and design flexibility. Its historical significance adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already compelling choice for print media projects.

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Interesting facts about Colombier affiche

1: Colombier Affiche Paper Origin

Colombier Affiche paper, also known as Colombier paper, was first produced in the late 17th century in France. It was specifically designed for printing large-sized posters and advertisements.

2: Unique Size of Colombier Affiche Paper

One of the defining characteristics of Colombier Affiche paper is its impressive size. It measures approximately 34 x 46 inches (86 x 117 cm), making it one of the largest standard paper sizes available.

3: Named After a French Printing House

The name "Colombier" comes from the renowned French printing house "Colombier Frères," which was famous for producing high-quality papers during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

4: Preferred Choice for Artistic Prints

Due to its large size and excellent quality, Colombier Affiche paper became a preferred choice among artists for creating artistic prints, lithographs, and etchings. Its smooth surface allows for intricate details and vibrant colors.

5: Historical Use in Advertising

In the past, Colombier Affiche paper played a significant role in advertising campaigns. Its large format allowed advertisers to create eye-catching posters that could be easily seen from a distance, attracting attention on busy streets or public spaces.

6: Limited Availability Today

In modern times, finding authentic Colombier Affiche paper can be quite challenging. Due to its rarity and historical significance, it has become highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts.

7: Similarity to Elephant Folio Size

The size of Colombier Affiche paper is often compared to the Elephant Folio size, which measures approximately 23 x 28 inches (58 x 71 cm). Both sizes are larger than the commonly known A-series paper sizes.

8: Influence on Paper Sizes

The introduction of Colombier Affiche paper had a significant impact on the development of standard paper sizes. It contributed to the establishment of larger formats, accommodating various printing needs and artistic expressions.

9: Usage Beyond Printing

While primarily used for printing purposes, Colombier Affiche paper has also found applications in other fields. Its large size makes it suitable for creating unique and elaborate crafts, such as handmade posters or oversized origami projects.

10: Symbol of Prestige

Owing to its historical significance and association with fine art prints, owning a piece printed on authentic Colombier Affiche paper is considered a symbol of prestige among collectors and art connoisseurs.