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French Series

Couronne écriture

Couronne écriture

The Couronne Écriture, a distinguished member of the ISO 216 series, is a unique paper size that stands out in its class. This format, often overlooked yet highly versatile, offers an intriguing blend of functionality and elegance.

As part of the ISO 216 series, Couronne Écriture adheres to the international standard for paper sizes. This ensures its compatibility with printers and copiers worldwide. The dimensions are meticulously calculated based on the square root of two ratio - a mathematical principle that guarantees each size in the series maintains the same aspect ratio when halved or doubled.

Couronne écriture paper dimensions


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What sets Couronne Écriture apart is its distinctive size. With dimensions measuring 360 x 520 mm, it provides ample space for creative expression while maintaining a manageable footprint. This makes it an ideal choice for professional documents such as brochures and presentations where visual impact is paramount.

Interestingly, despite being part of an international standard series, Couronne Écriture has a distinctly French origin. The term 'Couronne' translates to 'Crown', reflecting its regal stature within the realm of paper sizes.

Whether you're seeking to make a bold statement or simply require more room for your ideas to breathe, consider leveraging the power of Couronne Écriture. Its unique blend of size and versatility can elevate your written communications to new heights.

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Interesting facts about Couronne écriture

1: Origin of Couronne écriture paper

Couronne écriture paper, also known as Crown writing paper, originated in France during the 17th century. It was initially used for official correspondence and legal documents.

2: Size of Couronne écriture paper

The standard size of Couronne écriture paper is approximately 13.5 x 17 inches (34 x 43 cm). It falls under the category of large-sized papers.

3: Watermark on Couronne écriture paper

Couronne écriture paper often features a watermark in the shape of a crown, which gives it its name. This watermark was used to authenticate the originality and quality of the paper.

4: Usage in calligraphy and fine arts

Couronne écriture paper is highly regarded by calligraphers and artists due to its smooth texture and durability. Its large size provides ample space for intricate designs and detailed writing.

5: Historical significance

During the French Revolution, Couronne écriture paper played a crucial role in spreading revolutionary ideas through pamphlets, manifestos, and political writings.

6: Availability today

In modern times, Couronne écriture paper is less commonly used but can still be found in specialty stationery stores or ordered online for those who appreciate its historical charm.

7: Similarity to A3 size

The dimensions of Couronne écriture are similar to the A3 size (297 x 420 mm) used in ISO international standard papers. However, there are slight variations between them.

8: Influence on paper sizes

The Couronne écriture paper size influenced the development of other paper sizes, such as the Grand Aigle (Great Eagle) and Petit Aigle (Small Eagle), which were larger and smaller than Couronne écriture, respectively.

9: Usage in official documents

Couronne écriture paper was often used for official documents, including royal decrees, legal contracts, and government proclamations. Its large size added a sense of importance to these important papers.

10: Symbolic representation

Couronne écriture paper symbolizes elegance, tradition, and historical significance. It is a reminder of the artistry and craftsmanship that went into producing fine papers during earlier times.