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French Series

Couronne édition

Couronne édition

The Couronne Édition, a unique paper size, holds its own in the realm of standard paper dimensions. Unlike the commonly known A-series sizes defined by ISO 216, or the ANSI series prevalent in North America, Couronne Édition carves out its niche within the French paper size standards.

Measuring at an impressive 360 x 465 mm, Couronne Édition is larger than an A3 but smaller than an A2. This distinctive dimension offers a versatile canvas for various applications - from professional printing to artistic endeavors.

Couronne édition paper dimensions


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What sets Couronne Édition apart is its origin story. Rooted in France's rich history of print and publishing, this format was traditionally used for printing newspapers and periodicals. Its name 'Couronne', translating to 'Crown' in English, signifies its regal stature among other paper sizes.

In today's digital age where print media has seen a decline, the use of Couronne Édition may not be as widespread as it once was. However, it continues to hold relevance in specific industries and applications that value tradition and uniqueness over conformity.

Whether you're looking to create standout marketing materials or seeking a touch of vintage charm for your project, consider the Couronne Édition. Its unique size and historical significance make it more than just another piece of paper; it's a testament to France's enduring influence on print culture worldwide.

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Interesting facts about Couronne édition

1: The Origins of Couronne édition Paper

Couronne édition paper is a type of paper that originated in France. It gets its name from the French word "couronne," which means "crown." This name was given to the paper due to its association with high-quality printing and publishing.

2: A Part of the A Series

Couronne édition paper belongs to the A series of paper sizes, which is an international standard for paper dimensions. It falls between A3 and A2 sizes, measuring approximately 32.5 x 46 cm (12.8 x 18.1 inches).

3: Ideal for Book Printing

Couronne édition paper is commonly used for book printing due to its size and weight. Its dimensions make it suitable for various book formats, including novels, art books, and poetry collections.

4: Smooth Texture

This type of paper has a smooth texture that enhances print quality and readability. The smooth surface allows ink to be absorbed evenly, resulting in sharp and vibrant printed images or text.

5: Versatile Weight Options

Couronne édition paper comes in various weight options ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. This versatility allows publishers and printers to choose the most appropriate weight based on their specific printing requirements.

6: Environmentally Friendly Choice

Couronne édition paper is often produced using sustainable practices and materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice for publishers who prioritize eco-consciousness.

7: Popular Choice Among Designers

The combination of its size, weight options, and smooth texture makes Couronne édition paper a popular choice among designers. It provides them with the flexibility to showcase their creative work in printed formats.

8: Historical Significance

The A series of paper sizes, including Couronne édition, has a rich historical significance. It was first introduced in the 19th century by the German scientist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg and later adopted as an international standard.

9: Widely Used in Europe

Couronne édition paper is particularly popular in Europe, where it is widely used for various printing purposes. Its dimensions and quality make it suitable for both commercial and artistic printing projects.

10: Enhanced Durability

Couronne édition paper is known for its durability, allowing books printed on this type of paper to withstand frequent use and handling without significant wear or tear.