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Belonging to the ISO B series, Demi-raisin is a unique paper size that stands out in its category. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has classified this particular size under the B series, which is designed to provide a wider range of sizes not covered by the A series.

The dimensions of Demi-raisin are 340 x 500 mm or 13.4 x 19.7 inches, making it larger than an A3 but smaller than an A2. This intermediate size offers versatility and flexibility in printing and design applications.

Demi-raisin paper dimensions


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Interestingly, despite its French origin and widespread use in France, Demi-raisin isn't as commonly used globally as other ISO sizes like A4 or B5. However, it holds significant importance in specific industries such as publishing and advertising where unique paper sizes can make a substantial impact.

Moreover, unlike ANSI (American National Standards Institute) paper sizes that follow a different aspect ratio, ISO's B series including Demi-raisin maintains an aspect ratio of √2:1. This allows for seamless scaling between different sizes without distortion or loss of content.

While not as universally recognized as some other formats, Demi-raisin holds its own with its distinctive size and potential for creating standout printed materials.

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Interesting facts about Demi-raisin

1: Demi-raisin paper is named after a French term

Demi-raisin paper gets its name from the French word "demi" meaning half and "raisin" referring to a grape. This term was used to describe the size of the paper, which is approximately half the size of a standard raisin sheet.

2: It belongs to the A series of paper sizes

Demi-raisin paper falls under the A series of international standard paper sizes. It specifically corresponds to A3.5, measuring approximately 13.9 x 19.7 inches or 354 x 499 mm.

3: Demi-raisin is commonly used for architectural drawings

Due to its unique dimensions, demi-raisin paper is often preferred by architects for creating detailed architectural drawings and plans. Its size provides enough space for intricate designs while still being manageable.

4: It has historical significance in printing

In traditional printing methods, demi-raisin was frequently used as an intermediate format between larger sheets and smaller finished products like books or pamphlets. Printers would often cut down larger sheets into demi-raisin size before further processing.

5: Demi-raisin originated from the Raisin format

The demi-raisin size was derived from an even larger format called "Raisin." Raisin measures twice the size of demi-raisin (A2) and four times the size of a standard A3 sheet.

6: It offers versatility in printing projects

Demi-raisin's dimensions make it suitable for various printing projects, including posters, brochures, and folded leaflets. Its size allows for easy handling and distribution while still offering ample space for content.

7: Demi-raisin is part of the ISO 216 standard

The ISO 216 standard defines the A series of paper sizes used globally. Demi-raisin adheres to this standard, ensuring compatibility with other paper sizes within the series.

8: It has a close resemblance to Ledger paper

Demi-raisin shares similar dimensions with Ledger paper commonly used in North America. However, demi-raisin is slightly narrower and taller than its Ledger counterpart.

9: Demi-raisin can be easily scaled from larger formats

One advantage of demi-raisin is its ability to be scaled down from larger formats like A2 or A1 without losing aspect ratio. This makes it convenient for reproducing designs or drawings in a smaller size.

10: It offers an alternative to standard printing sizes

Demi-raisin provides a unique option for designers and printers who want to deviate from conventional printing sizes like A3 or A4. Its distinctive dimensions can add visual interest and make printed materials stand out.