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French Series

Double Raisin

Double Raisin

Double Raisin, a unique paper size, is an integral part of the ISO 216 standard. This standard, recognized globally, ensures consistency in paper dimensions across different countries and industries. The Double Raisin measures 546 x 787 mm or approximately 21.5 x 31 inches.

Interestingly, the Double Raisin is not part of the more commonly known A series (A0 to A10) or B series (B0 to B10) in the ISO 216 standard. Instead, it belongs to a less popular but equally important C series that caters specifically to envelope sizes.

Double Raisin paper dimensions


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The name 'Double Raisin' itself is intriguing and has historical roots in French paper naming conventions where sizes were often named after everyday objects or food items such as 'raisin' which translates to 'grape'. The term 'double' signifies that it's twice the size of its base counterpart - the single raisin.

Despite its less common usage compared to A4 or Letter sizes, Double Raisin holds significant importance in specific industries such as publishing and advertising where larger print formats are required for visual impact. Its large size makes it ideal for posters, blueprints, and broadsheet newspapers.

While Double Raisin may not be your everyday paper size choice like A4 or Letter format from ANSI series; its unique dimensions make it an indispensable asset in certain industries requiring larger print formats. Its historical naming convention adds a touch of intrigue making this paper size stand out amidst other more standardized options.

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Interesting facts about Double Raisin

1: Double Raisin paper is a type of uncoated paper

Double Raisin paper is an uncoated paper, which means it does not have any additional coating or finish applied to its surface. This makes it ideal for writing, printing, and drawing purposes.

2: It has a smooth texture

Double Raisin paper is known for its smooth texture, providing a pleasant writing or printing experience. The smoothness of the paper allows ink to flow smoothly without any interruptions.

3: It is commonly used for stationery and letterheads

Due to its high quality and elegant appearance, Double Raisin paper is often used for stationery items such as letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. Its smooth surface enhances the overall look and feel of these items.

4: Double Raisin refers to its specific size

The term "Double Raisin" refers to the specific size of this type of paper. It measures approximately 28 x 43 inches (711 x 1092 mm). The name "Double Raisin" originates from the larger size called "Raisin," which measures around 22 x 30 inches (559 x 762 mm).

5: It belongs to the British Imperial Paper Sizes series

The Double Raisin size falls under the British Imperial Paper Sizes series. This series was widely used in countries influenced by British standards before metrication became more prevalent.

6: The British Imperial Paper Sizes series has a hierarchical structure

The British Imperial Paper Sizes series follows a hierarchical structure where each size can be obtained by halving the larger size. For example, Double Raisin can be obtained by halving the Raisin size.

7: The British Imperial Paper Sizes series is no longer widely used

With the adoption of metric paper sizes in most countries, including the ISO 216 standard, the British Imperial Paper Sizes series has become less common. However, it still holds historical significance and is occasionally used for specific purposes.

8: Double Raisin paper is compatible with various printing techniques

Double Raisin paper works well with different printing techniques such as offset printing, letterpress printing, and digital printing. Its smooth surface allows for precise ink transfer and vibrant colors.

9: It is available in different weights

Double Raisin paper comes in various weights or thicknesses to suit different needs. Common weights include 80 gsm (grams per square meter) for general use and heavier options like 120 gsm or more for projects requiring more durability.

10: Double Raisin paper can be recycled

Like many other types of paper, Double Raisin paper can be recycled to reduce environmental impact. Recycling helps conserve resources and reduces waste sent to landfills.