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French Series

Grand Monde

Grand Monde

Grand Monde, a paper size that stands out in the realm of print and design, is an integral part of the ISO 216 standard. This international standard, recognized worldwide except in North America where the ANSI series prevails, governs paper sizes based on an aspect ratio of √2.

The Grand Monde size is unique due to its dimensions. It's larger than your typical A4 or Letter size, providing ample space for designers and printers to work their magic. The additional real estate allows for more creative freedom and flexibility when it comes to layout design or large-scale printing projects.

Grand Monde paper dimensions


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Interestingly enough, the name 'Grand Monde' translates from French as 'Big World', which aptly describes its generous dimensions. This paper size truly offers a big world of possibilities for those who choose to use it.

One key advantage of using Grand Monde is its scalability. Thanks to the ISO 216 standard's √2 aspect ratio principle, you can scale up or down without losing the aspect ratio or compromising your design's integrity. This makes it a versatile choice for various applications - from professional presentations and marketing materials to architectural plans and graphic designs.

Grand Monde isn't just another paper size; it's a canvas that offers endless possibilities for creativity while adhering to international standards. Its unique dimensions combined with its scalability make it an excellent choice for professionals seeking flexibility and precision in their print projects.

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Interesting facts about Grand Monde

1: Grand Monde Paper is a Specialty Paper

Grand Monde paper is a type of specialty paper that is known for its luxurious feel and high-quality finish. It is often used for premium stationery, invitations, and high-end packaging.

2: Made from High-Quality Pulp

Grand Monde paper is made from high-quality pulp obtained from sustainable sources. The fibers used in its production are carefully selected to ensure strength, durability, and a smooth surface.

3: Available in Various Thicknesses

Grand Monde paper comes in various thicknesses, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight options. This allows for versatility in its usage, catering to different printing techniques and applications.

4: Offers Excellent Printability

The smooth surface of Grand Monde paper makes it ideal for printing intricate designs and fine details. It offers excellent printability with various printing methods such as offset printing, letterpress, and digital printing.

5: Resistant to Yellowing

One of the unique properties of Grand Monde paper is its resistance to yellowing over time. This ensures that documents or artworks printed on this paper will retain their original appearance for an extended period.

6: Acid-Free and Archival Quality

To preserve important documents or cherished memories, Grand Monde paper is acid-free and archival quality. This means it won't deteriorate or degrade easily over time, making it suitable for long-term preservation.

7: Offers Enhanced Opacity

The enhanced opacity of Grand Monde paper prevents show-through when printed on both sides. This feature makes it an excellent choice for double-sided printing, ensuring a professional and clean look.

8: Available in a Wide Range of Colors

Grand Monde paper is available in a wide range of colors, from classic whites and neutrals to vibrant hues. This allows for creative freedom and customization to match specific branding or design requirements.

9: Can Be Embossed or Debossed

Due to its thickness and high-quality finish, Grand Monde paper can be easily embossed or debossed. This adds a tactile element to printed materials, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

10: Suitable for Various Applications

Grand Monde paper is versatile and suitable for various applications beyond stationery and packaging. It can be used for business cards, book covers, art prints, certificates, menus, and more.