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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, the Soleil paper size is a unique and intriguing format. This international standard, adopted by most countries worldwide, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different regions and industries. The Soleil size, however, stands out for its distinct dimensions and applications.

The Soleil paper size is not part of the commonly used A-series or B-series formats. Instead, it falls under the C-series category which is primarily used for envelopes. This makes it an interesting outlier in the world of standardized paper sizes.

Soleil paper dimensions


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2A046.81 x 66.221189 x 1682119 x 1683370 x 4768
A120.51 x 0.7113 x 181 x 237 x 51
4A066.22 x 93.621682 x 2378168 x 2384768 x 6741
A110.71 x 1.0218 x 262 x 351 x 74
A101.02 x 1.4626 x 373 x 474 x 105
A3+12.95 x 19.02329 x 48333 x 48933 x 1369
A1+23.98 x 35.98609 x 91461 x 911726 x 2591
A0+35.98 x 50.87914 x 129291 x 1292591 x 3662
A64.13 x 5.83105 x 14811 x 15298 x 420
A55.83 x 8.27148 x 21015 x 21420 x 595
A48.27 x 11.69210 x 29721 x 30595 x 842
A311.69 x 16.54297 x 42030 x 42842 x 1191
A91.46 x 2.0537 x 524 x 5105 x 147
A216.54 x 23.39420 x 59442 x 591191 x 1684
A82.05 x 2.9152 x 745 x 7147 x 210
A123.39 x 33.11594 x 84159 x 841684 x 2384
A72.91 x 4.1374 x 1057 x 11210 x 298
A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

One fascinating aspect of the Soleil paper size is its dimension ratio. Like all ISO 216 formats, it maintains a 1:√2 aspect ratio which allows for seamless scaling between different sizes without distortion or loss of content proportionality.

Another noteworthy feature about this particular format is its name - 'Soleil'. Unlike other ISO 216 formats that are typically named using alphanumeric codes (like A4 or B3), 'Soleil' deviates from this norm with a more evocative moniker derived from French meaning 'Sun'. This adds an element of intrigue to this otherwise technical subject matter.

While seemingly just another specification in a long list of standardized formats, the Soleil paper size holds its own with unique characteristics and interesting trivia that set it apart from other ISO 216 standards.

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Interesting facts about Soleil

Soleil Paper Fact #1: The Origin of the Name

The name "Soleil" is derived from the French word for "sun." This paper is named so because it has a bright and vibrant appearance, resembling the radiance of sunlight.

Soleil Paper Fact #2: Unique Texture

Soleil paper has a distinct texture that sets it apart from other types of paper. It features a subtle embossed pattern, giving it a luxurious and tactile feel.

Soleil Paper Fact #3: Versatile Weight Options

Soleil paper comes in various weight options, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including stationery, invitations, and packaging.

Soleil Paper Fact #4: Acid-Free and Archival Quality

One notable characteristic of Soleil paper is its acid-free composition. This means that it does not contain any acidic substances that could cause deterioration over time. As a result, Soleil paper is considered archival quality and can be used for preserving important documents or artwork.

Soleil Paper Fact #5: Environmental Sustainability

Manufacturers of Soleil paper prioritize environmental sustainability by using responsibly sourced materials and employing eco-friendly production processes. This commitment ensures that Soleil paper meets high standards in terms of both quality and environmental impact.

Soleil Paper Fact #6: Wide Range of Colors

Soleil paper offers an extensive selection of colors to suit various design preferences. From vibrant hues to subtle pastels, there is a shade available for every creative project.

Soleil Paper Fact #7: Compatibility with Printing Techniques

Due to its smooth surface and high-quality composition, Soleil paper is compatible with various printing techniques, including offset printing, digital printing, and letterpress. This versatility allows for stunning and professional-looking results.

Soleil Paper Fact #8: Popular Choice for Wedding Invitations

Thanks to its elegant appearance and luxurious feel, Soleil paper is a popular choice for wedding invitations. Its unique texture adds a touch of sophistication to any wedding stationery suite.

Soleil Paper Fact #9: Global Availability

Soleil paper is widely available across the globe, making it accessible to designers and artists worldwide. Its popularity has led to its distribution in numerous countries, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the benefits of this exceptional paper.

Soleil Paper Fact #10: Endless Creative Possibilities

With its exceptional quality and versatility, Soleil paper offers endless creative possibilities. From crafting intricate papercuts to creating stunning art prints or even designing custom packaging solutions, this paper allows artists and designers to bring their visions to life.