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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, DIN A0 is a paper size that stands out due to its unique dimensions and widespread usage. This format measures precisely 841mm by 1189mm, offering an expansive canvas for various applications.

As the largest size in the A series of the ISO 216 standard, DIN A0 holds a distinctive position. It's intriguing to note that this format is defined by an aspect ratio of √2:1, which ensures that when cut or folded in half along its longer side, each resulting piece retains the same aspect ratio.

DIN A0 paper dimensions


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DIN A0's generous dimensions make it particularly suitable for technical drawings, posters, and other large-scale print materials. Its size allows for detailed illustrations and text blocks without compromising readability or visual appeal.

While not commonly used in North America due to ANSI standards' prevalence there, DIN A0 enjoys significant popularity worldwide. Its standardized dimensions facilitate seamless international document exchange and reproduction.

DIN A0's unique characteristics - from its precise measurements to its role within the ISO 216 standard - make it a versatile and globally recognized paper format.

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Interesting facts about DIN A0

1: DIN A0 Paper Size

DIN A0 is the largest standard paper size in the ISO 216 series, measuring 841mm x 1189mm. It has an area of exactly 1 square meter.

2: Origins of DIN A0

The DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standard for paper sizes was first introduced in Germany in the early 20th century. The A0 size was created as part of this standardized system.

3: Proportional Scaling

The ISO paper sizes, including DIN A0, follow a unique aspect ratio of approximately 1:√2. This means that when you fold an A0 sheet in half along its longest side, you get two equal-sized sheets of the next smaller size (A1), and so on.

4: Architectural and Engineering Drawings

DIN A0 is commonly used for architectural and engineering drawings due to its large surface area, which allows for detailed plans to be printed or plotted at a readable scale.

5: Artistic Applications

A0 paper is often favored by artists for creating large-scale artworks such as paintings, sketches, or posters. Its ample space provides room for creativity without limitations.

6: Transportation Challenges

Due to its size, transporting DIN A0 sheets can be challenging. Special packaging or tubes are often required to protect them from damage during transit.

7: Printing Limitations

Not all printers can handle printing on DIN A0 paper due to their limited maximum print sizes. Large format printers are typically required for accurate and high-quality prints.

8: Alternative Uses

Aside from its traditional uses, DIN A0 paper can be repurposed for various creative projects such as DIY banners, wall decorations, or even as a temporary tablecloth for large gatherings.

9: Global Adoption

The ISO 216 paper size series, including DIN A0, is widely adopted around the world. It is used in over 150 countries and has become the standard for many industries.

10: Environmental Considerations

Using DIN A0 paper efficiently helps reduce waste. By utilizing the proportional scaling of ISO paper sizes, it is possible to minimize unused space and optimize printing resources.