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Belonging to the ISO 216 international paper size standard, DIN B10 is a unique and versatile paper size. This standard, recognized globally, ensures consistency in the dimensions of paper sheets across different countries and industries. The DIN B10 specifically measures 31mm x 44mm, making it one of the smaller sizes in the series.

Interestingly, DIN B10 is part of a systematic series where each successive size is approximately half the area of the previous one when cut parallel to its shorter sides. This aspect ratio remains consistent throughout all sizes within this series - an impressive feat of design efficiency.

DIN B10 paper dimensions


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Despite its small stature, DIN B10 holds significant importance in various applications. It's commonly used for printing small labels or tickets due to its compact dimensions. Its size also makes it ideal for creating miniature booklets or manuals that can be easily carried around.

In comparison with ANSI standards prevalent in North America, there isn't a direct equivalent for DIN B10. This highlights how ISO and ANSI standards diverge at certain points, catering to different regional preferences and usage scenarios.

While seemingly unassuming at first glance, DIN B10 plays an integral role within the ISO 216 standard due to its unique dimensions and wide range of applications.

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Interesting facts about DIN B10

1: The Smallest Paper Size

DIN B10 is the smallest paper size in the DIN series. It measures 44 mm × 62 mm, making it incredibly tiny compared to standard paper sizes.

2: Ideal for Microprinting

Due to its small dimensions, DIN B10 paper is often used for microprinting applications. Microprinting involves printing extremely small text or images that are difficult to read without magnification.

3: Commonly Used for Business Cards

DIN B10 paper is commonly used for business cards in countries like Japan and South Korea. Its compact size allows for convenient storage and easy distribution of contact information.

4: Historical Origins

The DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) series of paper sizes originated in Germany during the early 20th century. It was initially introduced as a national standard but later gained international recognition.

5: Part of the ISO Standard

The DIN series was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as ISO 216, which defines the standard sizes and formats of office papers worldwide. DIN B10 is included within this ISO standard.

6: Unique Aspect Ratio

DIN B10 has an aspect ratio of approximately 1:1.41, which means that its width is approximately equal to its height multiplied by √2 (the square root of two). This aspect ratio remains consistent across all DIN paper sizes.

7: Not Widely Available

Due to its specialized use and small size, DIN B10 paper may not be widely available at all print shops or stationery stores. It is more commonly found in regions where it is regularly used, such as Japan and South Korea.

8: Challenging for Printing

Printing on DIN B10 paper can be challenging due to its small size. Precise registration and handling are required to ensure accurate printing results, especially when dealing with fine details or intricate designs.

9: Limited Space for Content

The limited space on DIN B10 paper poses a challenge when designing layouts or including extensive information. It encourages concise and minimalistic content, making it suitable for brief messages or essential contact details.

10: Collectible Item

Due to its unique size and specialized use, DIN B10 paper can be considered a collectible item among enthusiasts of stationery and paper products. Some people enjoy collecting various sizes of paper as a hobby.