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German Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 international paper size standard, DIN C2 is a unique and versatile paper size. It measures 458 x 648 millimeters or approximately 18.03 x 25.51 inches, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

As part of the C series in the ISO standard, DIN C2 is specifically designed to serve as an envelope size for the B series. This strategic sizing allows a B2 document to fit comfortably within a C2 envelope, providing ample space for easy insertion and removal without causing damage to the contents.

DIN C2 paper dimensions


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DIN C2's dimensions also make it suitable for large-scale printing projects such as posters, plans, or charts. Its generous surface area allows for clear visibility of details and text even from a distance.

Interestingly enough, DIN C2 does not have an equivalent in the ANSI series used predominantly in North America. This highlights its unique position within global paper sizes and underscores its European origins.

DIN C2's distinctive dimensions and compatibility with other ISO sizes make it a practical choice across various industries - from publishing to architecture - demonstrating its universal appeal and functionality.

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Interesting facts about DIN C2

1: DIN C2 Paper Size

DIN C2 paper size is part of the DIN paper series, which is based on the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standards. It measures 458 mm x 648 mm, making it larger than a standard A2 size.

2: Proportional Scaling

The DIN paper series follows a proportional scaling system. This means that when you fold a sheet in half, it retains the same aspect ratio as the original size. For example, folding a DIN C2 sheet in half will result in two DIN C3 sheets.

3: Historical Origins

The DIN paper series was first introduced in Germany in 1922 and has since become widely adopted across Europe and other parts of the world. It aimed to standardize paper sizes for better compatibility and efficiency.

4: International Recognition

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) later adopted the DIN paper sizes as an international standard known as ISO 216. This ensures consistency and ease of use across different countries and industries.

5: Unique Aspect Ratio

All papers within the DIN series have an aspect ratio of approximately √2 (1:√2). This means that when you divide the longer side by the shorter side, you get a value close to √2 (~1.414).

6: Architectural Applications

DIN C2 paper is commonly used by architects for creating large-scale drawings or plans due to its generous size. It provides ample space for detailed designs while maintaining good portability.

7: Limited Availability

Compared to the more popular A-series papers, DIN C2 paper is less commonly found in standard stationery stores. However, it can be easily obtained from specialized printing and paper suppliers.

8: Artistic Possibilities

The larger size of DIN C2 paper allows artists to explore more expansive and intricate artwork. It provides a canvas for creating detailed illustrations, paintings, or mixed media pieces.

9: Folding Techniques

DIN C2 paper can be folded into various shapes and structures for creative purposes. Its larger dimensions make it suitable for origami enthusiasts who enjoy working with bigger paper sizes.

10: Alternative Uses

Besides its primary use as a printing medium, DIN C2 paper can also serve other purposes such as wrapping large gifts or creating unique banners or posters.