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Indian Series

Indian Double Demy

Indian Double Demy

Indian Double Demy, a unique paper size that stands out in the realm of print media, is not part of any ISO or ANSI series. This distinctive format measures 444.5 x 666.75 millimeters, making it larger than most standard paper sizes.

Its origins trace back to India's rich history of printing and publishing. The term 'Demy' is derived from 'demi', a French word meaning 'half'. In the context of paper sizes, it refers to a sheet that is half the size of a larger standard format. However, Indian Double Demy defies this convention by being twice as large as its counterpart - the Indian Demy.

Indian Double Demy paper dimensions


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The sheer size of Indian Double Demy makes it an ideal choice for projects requiring ample space for visual elements and text. It's commonly used in professional settings such as architectural blueprints, large-scale diagrams, and high-end advertising materials.

Despite its non-conformity to international standards like ISO or ANSI series, Indian Double Demy holds its own due to its versatility and adaptability in various applications. Its unique dimensions offer designers and publishers an opportunity to think outside the box - quite literally - when planning their layouts.

While Indian Double Demy may not be widely recognized globally due to its absence from ISO or ANSI series, it remains an integral part of India's print industry with its distinct size offering creative possibilities that other formats may not provide.

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Interesting facts about Indian Double Demy

1: Indian Double Demy paper size

Indian Double Demy is a paper size commonly used in India and measures approximately 20 x 30 inches (508 x 762 mm). It falls under the "D" series of paper sizes, which are based on the ISO 216 standard.

2: Origin of the name

The term "Demy" originates from the Latin word "demis," meaning half. The Indian Double Demy size is twice the size of a regular Demy sheet, hence its name.

3: Historical significance

The Indian Double Demy paper size has historical significance as it was widely used during the British colonial era in India. It was commonly employed for printing newspapers, books, and official documents.

4: Variations across regions

The dimensions of Indian Double Demy can vary slightly across different regions within India. While it generally measures around 20 x 30 inches, there may be minor variations depending on local printing practices.

5: Usage in art and crafts

Indian Double Demy paper is often favored by artists and craft enthusiasts due to its larger surface area. It provides ample space for creating intricate drawings, paintings, or origami projects.

6: Availability today

In modern times, with advancements in printing technology and standardization of paper sizes, the usage of Indian Double Demy has declined. However, it can still be found in certain specialized printing applications or traditional bookbinding processes.

7: Similarity to other paper sizes

The Indian Double Demy shares similarities with other international paper sizes, such as the American Tabloid and the British Double Crown. These sizes have comparable dimensions but may vary slightly.

8: Transition to metric-based sizes

India, like many other countries, has gradually transitioned from traditional paper sizes to metric-based ISO standards. However, some legacy paper sizes, including Indian Double Demy, continue to be used due to historical reasons or specific industry requirements.

9: Importance in printing industry

The Indian Double Demy size holds significance in the printing industry as it represents a standard for large-format printing and binding. It offers a balance between size and practicality for various print applications.

10: Preservation of cultural heritage

The use of Indian Double Demy paper in traditional bookbinding techniques helps preserve India's rich cultural heritage. It allows for the reproduction of ancient texts and manuscripts while maintaining their original format and aesthetic appeal.