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Indian Series

Indian Medium

Indian Medium

Indian Medium, a unique paper size, holds a significant place in the ISO 216 series. This international standard for paper sizes is widely recognized and utilized across the globe. Indian Medium, measuring 457 × 584 mm or approximately 18 × 23 inches, is an integral part of this series.

Interestingly, the ISO 216 series was developed based on the 'sqrt(2)' aspect ratio. This mathematical principle ensures that when a sheet is cut in half parallel to its shorter sides, it results in two sheets with the same aspect ratio as the original. The Indian Medium size adheres to this principle flawlessly.

Indian Medium paper dimensions


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Despite its name suggesting regional specificity, Indian Medium isn't confined to India alone. It's used extensively worldwide for various applications such as technical drawings and diagrams due to its optimal dimensions.

The ANSI B (Ledger/Tabloid) size from the American National Standards Institute closely mirrors Indian Medium in terms of dimensions. However, it's crucial to note that while they may seem interchangeable at first glance, subtle differences exist between them.

Understanding these nuances about paper sizes like Indian Medium can significantly enhance your decision-making process when selecting appropriate materials for your specific needs.

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Interesting facts about Indian Medium

1: Indian Medium paper is not a standard paper size

Unlike other paper sizes such as A4 or Letter, Indian Medium is not recognized as an international standard. It is a unique size commonly used in India for various printing purposes.

2: The dimensions of Indian Medium paper vary

The exact dimensions of Indian Medium paper can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer or printer. However, it typically measures around 445 mm x 570 mm (17.5 inches x 22.5 inches).

3: It is often used for official government documents

In India, Indian Medium paper is frequently used for printing official government documents, including legal notices, court orders, and various forms.

4: The origin of the term "Indian Medium" remains unclear

The exact origin of the term "Indian Medium" to describe this specific paper size is unknown. It may have evolved over time within the local printing industry in India.

5: Indian Medium has similarities to British Imperial Foolscap

The dimensions of Indian Medium are quite similar to another historical British paper size called Imperial Foolscap (13.5 inches x 17 inches). This similarity might be due to historical influences from British colonial rule in India.

6: It can be challenging to find pre-cut Indian Medium-sized papers

Due to its non-standard nature, finding pre-cut sheets of Indian Medium-sized papers can be difficult outside of India. Printers often need to cut larger sheets down to the desired size manually.

7: The GSM (Grams per Square Meter) weight varies for Indian Medium papers

Indian Medium papers are available in various GSM weights, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. The choice of GSM depends on the specific printing requirements and desired paper thickness.

8: Indian Medium paper is not commonly used for commercial printing

While Indian Medium is widely used for official documents, it is not a popular choice for commercial printing projects such as brochures or magazines. Other standard sizes like A4 or Letter are more commonly preferred.

9: It can be challenging to find Indian Medium-sized envelopes

Due to its non-standard size, finding ready-made envelopes that perfectly fit Indian Medium papers can be a challenge. Custom envelope production may be required for mailing documents printed on this size of paper.

10: The popularity of Indian Medium paper is declining

In recent years, with the increasing adoption of international standards and digital documentation, the usage of Indian Medium paper has been gradually declining. However, it still holds significance in certain legal and administrative contexts within India.