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Indian Series

Indian Super Royal

Indian Super Royal

Indian Super Royal, a unique paper size, stands out in the realm of print media. Notably, it doesn't fall under any standard ISO or ANSI series. Instead, it carves its own niche with dimensions measuring 508 x 660 mm. This makes it larger than the A2 size from the ISO series and smaller than the C1 size.

The Indian Super Royal's distinctiveness extends beyond its non-standard dimensions. Its name itself is a testament to its grandeur and exclusivity. The term 'Super Royal' signifies superiority and royalty, hinting at its high-end usage in premium printing projects.

Indian Super Royal paper dimensions


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Its large format offers ample space for creative designs and extensive content without compromising on legibility or aesthetics. This makes Indian Super Royal an ideal choice for posters, art prints, architectural drawings, and other large-scale print applications that demand high visual impact.

Despite being non-standardized by international norms like ISO or ANSI series, Indian Super Royal has carved out a significant place in the printing industry due to its versatility and unique appeal. It's not just a paper size; it's a canvas that allows creativity to flourish unbounded.

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Interesting facts about Indian Super Royal

1: Origin of Indian Super Royal Paper

Indian Super Royal paper is a type of paper that originated in India. It was specifically developed to cater to the needs of the Indian printing industry.

2: Size and Dimensions

The dimensions of Indian Super Royal paper are 20 inches by 30 inches (508 mm by 762 mm). It falls under the category of "Super" papers, which are larger than standard sizes.

3: Similarity to British Imperial Paper

The size of Indian Super Royal paper is very similar to the British Imperial paper size known as "Double Crown." Both have dimensions of approximately 20 inches by 30 inches, making them almost identical in size.

4: Usage in Book Printing

Indian Super Royal paper is commonly used for book printing due to its large size. It allows for more content per page, reducing the number of pages required for a book and thus lowering production costs.

5: Availability and Distribution

This type of paper is primarily available and distributed within India. It caters specifically to the local printing industry's requirements and may not be as widely recognized or used internationally.

6: Weight and Thickness Variations

The weight and thickness options available for Indian Super Royal paper vary depending on specific requirements. Different weights allow for customization based on factors such as durability, print quality, and intended use.

7: Environmental Considerations

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on using eco-friendly materials in various industries. Some manufacturers now produce Indian Super Royal paper using recycled fibers or sustainable sources, promoting environmental consciousness.

8: Historical Significance

The development of Indian Super Royal paper showcases the adaptability and innovation of the Indian printing industry. It demonstrates how specific paper sizes can be tailored to meet local needs and preferences.

9: Influence on Paper Standards

The existence of Indian Super Royal paper highlights the diversity in global paper sizes and series. It serves as a reminder that while international standards exist, regional variations continue to play a significant role in the printing industry.

10: Cultural Impact

The use of Indian Super Royal paper contributes to preserving cultural heritage through printed materials such as books, magazines, and artwork. It supports the dissemination of knowledge and artistic expression within India's diverse communities.