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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, B8 is a distinctive paper size that holds its own unique place in the world of print and design. This specific size measures 62 x 88 millimeters, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

As part of the B series in the ISO 216 standard, B8 is designed to bridge the gap between A series sizes. The genius behind this system lies in its aspect ratio - an elegant square root of two. This ensures that when you scale up or down between sizes within the series, you maintain the same aspect ratio, preserving image integrity and layout proportions.

B8 paper dimensions


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The B8 paper size may not be as commonly recognized as its A-series counterparts like A4 or A3. However, it serves critical roles in specific contexts. For instance, it's often used for ticket printing or creating small leaflets - applications where compactness and portability are key.

Interestingly enough, despite being part of an international standard (ISO), B8 isn't widely used in countries like the United States or Canada where ANSI standards prevail. Yet its utility cannot be understated for global businesses seeking consistency across their print materials.

In conclusion, while B8 might not be your everyday paper size choice, understanding its dimensions and potential uses can open up new possibilities for your print projects. It's another tool at your disposal to ensure your message resonates with your audience – no matter what format it takes.

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Interesting facts about B8

B8 Paper: Weird and Interesting Facts

1. The B8 paper size is part of the ISO 216 standard, which was first introduced in 1975.

2. B8 paper measures 62 mm × 88 mm, making it one of the smallest standardized paper sizes.

3. It is commonly used for creating small booklets, passports, and pocket-sized notebooks.

4. B8 paper is often referred to as "passbook size" due to its suitability for printing bank passbooks.

5. Despite its small size, B8 paper can still be printed with high precision using modern printing techniques.

6. The aspect ratio of B8 paper is approximately 1:1.419, which means it has a slightly elongated shape compared to a perfect square.

7. In some countries, such as Japan and China, B8 paper is commonly used for printing business cards due to its compact dimensions.

8. The B series of paper sizes follows a logarithmic scale where each consecutive size halves the area of the previous one (e.g., A4 is half the size of A3).

9. The ISO 216 standard was based on the German DIN 476 standard introduced in 1922, which aimed to simplify and standardize paper sizes globally.

10. While not as widely known or used as larger sizes like A4 or Letter, B8 paper serves specific purposes where compactness and portability are essential factors.