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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, B9 is a unique paper size that holds its own significance. This standard, recognized internationally, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different regions and industries. The B9 paper size is an integral part of this series.

Measuring 44 x 62 mm, B9 may seem small but it's mighty in its applications. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for printing labels, tickets or small brochures where space efficiency is paramount. Despite its petite stature, it doesn't compromise on readability or impact.

B9 paper dimensions


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The aspect ratio of B9 remains constant even when scaled up or down - a distinctive feature of the ISO 216 series. This means you can increase or decrease your document size without worrying about distortions or loss of proportionality.

Interestingly enough, the area of a B9 sheet is one sixty-fourth that of a B0 sheet - another testament to the ingenious design principles behind the ISO standards. This allows for seamless transitions between different sizes within the series.

In conclusion, while often overlooked due to its smaller dimensions compared to other formats like A4 or Letter from ANSI series, B9 offers unique advantages in specific applications where space efficiency and scalability are key considerations.

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Interesting facts about B9

1: B9 paper is not a standard paper size

B9 paper is not part of the ISO 216 international paper size standard. It falls outside the range of sizes defined by the series A, B, and C.

2: B9 paper is larger than A9

In terms of dimensions, B9 paper is larger than A9. While A9 measures 37 x 52 mm (1.5 x 2.0 in), B9 measures approximately 62 x 88 mm (2.4 x 3.5 in).

3: B9 paper can be used for small promotional materials

B9 paper's compact size makes it suitable for creating small promotional materials like business cards, mini flyers, or tiny brochures.

4: The aspect ratio of B9 is different from other ISO sizes

The aspect ratio (width-to-height ratio) of B9 differs from other ISO sizes like A and C series papers. This means that resizing content designed for other ISO sizes to fit on a B9 sheet may result in slight distortion.

5: The origin of the name "B" in the ISO series

The letter "B" in the ISO series (e.g., B0, B1) comes from "Beschnitt," which means "trim" or "bleed" in German. This refers to the fact that these sizes were originally designed for printing and often required trimming after printing.

6: The history of global paper sizes

The concept of standardized paper sizes originated in Germany during the early twentieth century with Dr. Walter Porstmann proposing a system based on the square root of 2. This led to the development of the DIN 476 standard, which later became ISO 216.

7: The B series is often used for posters and large prints

While B9 paper is relatively small, larger sizes in the B series (e.g., B0, B1) are commonly used for posters, architectural drawings, and other large prints due to their convenient aspect ratio.

8: The relationship between A and B series sizes

The dimensions of each size in the A series are half that of its corresponding size in the B series. For example, A9 is half the size of B9, and A0 is half the size of B0.

9: The availability of pre-cut paper sizes

B9 paper may not be readily available as a pre-cut size from most commercial suppliers. However, it can be custom cut from larger sheets or ordered from specialty paper manufacturers.

10: Paper sizes beyond ISO standards

Beyond ISO standards like A and B series papers, there are various other non-standardized paper sizes used globally for specific purposes or regional preferences. These include American letter-size (8.5 x 11 in), Japanese postcard-size (100 x 148 mm), and many more.