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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 series, the C2 paper size is a unique and versatile format. This particular size, measuring 458 x 648 millimeters or 18.03 x 25.51 inches, is part of an international standard that's widely recognized and utilized.

The C2 paper size holds a distinctive position within the ISO series due to its specific dimensions. It's precisely half the size of a C1 sheet and twice as large as a C3 sheet, maintaining the aspect ratio of √2:1 that characterizes all sizes in this series.

C2 paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect about this paper size is its role in envelope creation. The C2 format serves as an ideal envelope for B2-sized documents, providing ample space for easy insertion while ensuring secure containment.

Moreover, it's worth noting that unlike ANSI standards prevalent in North America, ISO standards like C2 are more globally accepted. This makes them more adaptable across different regions and industries - from publishing houses to professional print shops.

In conclusion, the C2 paper size offers both versatility and international compatibility - attributes that make it an essential tool in various professional settings.

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Interesting facts about C2

1. C2 paper size is part of the ISO 216 standard

C2 paper is one of the many sizes defined by the ISO 216 standard for paper sizes. This international standard was first introduced in 1975 and is widely used across the globe.

2. C2 paper measures approximately 458 mm x 648 mm

The dimensions of C2 paper are approximately 458 mm x 648 mm (18.03 in x 25.51 in). It has an aspect ratio of √2, which means that when folded in half, it retains its proportions.

3. C2 is twice the size of C3 and half the size of C1

In the ISO 216 series, each consecutive size is obtained by halving or doubling the preceding size along its shorter side. Therefore, C2 paper is exactly twice as large as C3 and half as large as C1.

4. The area of a sheet of C2 paper is approximately 0.297 square meters

The total area covered by a single sheet of C2 paper is around 0.297 square meters (or about 2970 square centimeters). This makes it suitable for various printing purposes such as posters or large format documents.

5. The weight of a sheet of C2 paper depends on its thickness

The weight (in grams) per square meter (gsm) can vary depending on the thickness or grammage chosen for a specific type or brand of paper within the C2 size range.

6. The origins of ISO A, B, and C series date back to Germany's DIN standard

The ISO A, B, and C series of paper sizes, including C2, were derived from the German DIN standard introduced in 1922. The DIN standard aimed to establish a consistent system for paper sizes and was later adopted internationally.

7. C2 paper is commonly used for architectural drawings

Due to its larger size compared to standard office paper, C2 is often used by architects and engineers for creating detailed architectural drawings or plans that require more space.

8. C2 paper can be cut into smaller sizes without violating the ISO 216 standard

The ISO 216 standard allows for cutting larger paper sizes into smaller ones while maintaining the same aspect ratio. Therefore, it is possible to obtain various smaller sizes from a sheet of C2 without violating the established standards.

9. The ISO 216 series includes both portrait and landscape orientations

The ISO 216 series accommodates both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientations. This flexibility allows users to choose the orientation that best suits their specific printing or design needs.

10. C2 paper can be easily scaled down or up within the ISO 216 series

If a different size within the ISO 216 series is required, it is possible to scale down or up from C2 using simple mathematical calculations while preserving the aspect ratio defined by √2.