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DL, a paper size standard recognized globally, forms an integral part of the ISO 216 series. This series is renowned for its logical and systematic approach to defining paper sizes. The DL size, specifically, measures 110mm by 220mm or approximately 4.33 inches by 8.66 inches.

What sets the DL size apart is its unique aspect ratio of 1:√2 (1 to the square root of 2). This distinctive ratio ensures that when a sheet is cut in half parallel to its shorter sides, the resulting halves maintain the same aspect ratio as the original sheet.

DL paper dimensions


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The DL paper size finds extensive use in business and personal correspondence alike. It's particularly favored for envelopes designed to hold A4 sheets folded into thirds or A5 sheets folded in half.

Interestingly, 'DL' stands for 'Dimension Lengthwise', underscoring its elongated shape compared to other sizes in the ISO series. Its dimensions make it ideal for creating compact yet informative brochures and flyers that can be easily mailed or distributed.

In addition to being part of the ISO series, DL also aligns with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards - specifically within ANSI E size category - further cementing its universal applicability.

Whether you're crafting a direct mail campaign or designing an event invitation, understanding and utilizing DL's unique properties can significantly enhance your communication effectiveness.

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Interesting facts about DL

1: DL Paper Size

DL paper is a popular paper size used for envelopes. It measures 110 mm x 220 mm, which is equivalent to one-third of an A4 sheet. DL stands for "Dimension Lengthwise."

2: International Standard

The DL paper size is part of the ISO 216 international standard for paper sizes. This standard was first introduced in the early 20th century and has been widely adopted worldwide.

3: Envelope Compatibility

The DL paper size perfectly fits into a standard DL envelope without any need for folding or trimming. This makes it convenient for sending letters, invitations, and other documents.

4: Common Usage

DL paper is commonly used for business correspondence, such as invoices, statements, and business letters. Its compact size allows for efficient printing and mailing.

5: European Origin

The DL paper size originated in Europe and was initially used by German envelope manufacturers in the early 20th century. It gained popularity due to its practicality and ease of use.

6: Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of DL paper is approximately 1:2. This means that if you fold a DL sheet in half lengthwise, you will get two equal-sized pieces with the same proportions as the original sheet.

7: Common Substitutes

In some countries where DL envelopes are not widely available, C6 envelopes are often used as substitutes. C6 envelopes have similar dimensions but are slightly shorter than traditional DL envelopes.

8: Printing Considerations

When printing on DL paper, it is important to consider the orientation of the text or design. Due to its elongated shape, it is common to print in landscape orientation for better readability.

9: DL Plus and DL Long

In addition to the standard DL size, there are variations known as DL Plus and DL Long. These sizes offer slightly different dimensions while still maintaining the same aspect ratio.

10: Environmental Impact

DL paper, like other paper products, can be recycled. Recycling paper helps reduce deforestation and saves energy compared to producing new paper from raw materials.