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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 series, E8 paper size is a unique and often overlooked member of this internationally recognized standard. The dimensions of an E8 paper are 52mm x 74mm, making it a perfect fit for specific applications where compactness is key.

ISO 216, which includes the A, B, C and D series along with the lesser-known E series, has been adopted by countries worldwide due to its logical and practical system of paper sizes. The E series is particularly interesting as it's designed for envelopes that accommodate the A series papers.

E8 paper dimensions


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E8 specifically fits an A7 document without folding. This makes it ideal for small-scale print materials such as tickets or labels. Its compact size also lends itself well to being used in personal organizers or pocket diaries.

Despite its smaller stature compared to other ISO sizes like A4 or B3, E8 holds its own in terms of utility and versatility. It's a testament to the thoughtfulness behind the ISO 216 standard - every size has a purpose and meets a specific need.

While not as commonly used as some of its counterparts in the ANSI or other ISO series', E8 stands out due to its unique dimensions and specific use cases. It's another example of how thoughtful design can lead to efficient solutions in everyday life.

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Interesting facts about E8

E8 Paper: Weird and Interesting Facts

1. The E8 paper size is part of the ISO 216 international paper size standard, which was first introduced in 1975.

2. E8 is one of the smallest paper sizes in the series, measuring approximately 43 mm × 61 mm (1.7 in × 2.4 in).

3. This tiny paper size is often used for printing miniature books, business cards, or other small-scale printed materials.

4. The E8 size belongs to the E series of paper sizes, which are all based on a single aspect ratio of √2 (approximately 1:1.414).

5. The E series starts with the largest size, E0 (which measures approximately 1189 mm × 1682 mm or 46.8 in × 66.2 in), and each subsequent size is half the area of its predecessor.

6. To obtain a sheet of E8 paper from an E0 sheet, you would need to fold it successively into halves eight times.

7. Due to its small dimensions, printing on E8 paper requires specialized equipment capable of handling such fine details.

8. Artists and designers sometimes use E8-sized sketchbooks for quick thumbnail sketches or jotting down ideas on-the-go.

9. While not commonly used for official documents or everyday printing needs, the unique size and portability make it popular among collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate miniaturized items.

10. Despite its diminutive stature, some companies offer custom printing services specifically tailored to meet the demands of clients seeking high-quality prints on this tiny format.