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International Envelope Series



The R3 paper size, a member of the ISO 216 standard, is an intriguing format that holds its own unique place in the world of print and design. This specific size is part of the RA series, which is primarily used for commercial printing applications.

What sets R3 apart from other paper sizes? It measures 324mm by 458mm, providing ample space for detailed designs or extensive text. This makes it an ideal choice for projects requiring a larger canvas without venturing into poster-sized dimensions.

R3 paper dimensions


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Interestingly, the ISO 216 standard that includes R3 was developed based on the golden ratio - a mathematical principle often associated with aesthetic beauty. This means that when you fold an R3 sheet in half along its longest side, you'll end up with two sheets that maintain the same aspect ratio as the original.

Moreover, while not as commonly recognized as A4 or Letter sizes from ANSI series, R3 has found its niche in specialized industries. For instance, it's frequently used in book production and professional portfolio presentations where its unique dimensions can showcase work to great effect.

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement with your next print project or simply want to stand out from the crowd, consider leveraging the distinctive attributes of R3 paper size. Its unique proportions and inherent connection to aesthetic principles make it more than just another option—it's a powerful tool for effective visual communication.

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Interesting facts about R3

1: R3 Paper Size

R3 paper is a part of the international standard ISO 216 series, which defines the sizes of paper used globally. It measures approximately 1219 mm x 1720 mm (48 in x 67.7 in).

2: Rarely Used

R3 paper size is not commonly used and is considered quite rare. It falls between the more popular sizes R2 and R4.

3: Architectural Applications

R3 paper is often preferred by architects for creating large-scale drawings, blueprints, and plans due to its generous dimensions.

4: Historical Significance

The ISO A, B, and C series of paper sizes were introduced in the early twentieth century, but the R series was added later to accommodate larger formats required by certain industries.

5: Compatibility with Other Sizes

The R3 size maintains a consistent aspect ratio with other ISO paper sizes. When folded in half along its longer side, it becomes an R2 sheet; when folded twice along its shorter side, it becomes an R1 sheet.

6: Limited Availability

Due to its rarity and specialized use cases, finding pre-cut or readily available R3-sized paper can be challenging. Custom cutting or ordering from specialty suppliers may be necessary.

7: Variations Across Countries

The exact dimensions of the R3 size may vary slightly between countries due to variations in manufacturing standards and historical preferences.

8: Large Artwork Support

R3 paper provides ample space for artists working on large-scale projects, such as murals or oversized paintings.

9: Folding Possibilities

With its substantial size, R3 paper offers numerous folding options, making it versatile for creating brochures, posters, and other promotional materials.

10: Niche Printing Applications

Printers equipped to handle R3-sized paper are often specialized machines used in industries like architecture, engineering, and graphic design.