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International Envelope Series



The R4 paper size, a member of the ISO 216 standard, is an intriguing format that holds its own unique place in the world of print and design. This standard, recognized globally, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different countries and industries.

With dimensions of 220 x 312mm, R4 is not as commonly used as its A-series counterparts like A4 or A3. However, it's this very uniqueness that makes it stand out. The R4 size offers a distinctive canvas for designers seeking to break away from conventional formats.

R4 paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect about the R4 paper size is its aspect ratio. Like all ISO 216 sizes, it maintains a √2:1 ratio when cut or folded in half parallel to its shorter sides. This means that two sheets of the next smaller size can be perfectly aligned side by side on an R4 sheet without any gaps or overlaps.

In terms of usage, you'll find the R4 format employed in various niche applications such as book covers and architectural drawings where its unconventional dimensions can provide an edge over more traditional formats.

While not part of the ANSI series used predominantly in North America, understanding and utilizing the unique properties of the R4 paper size can offer innovative solutions for those willing to think outside typical boundaries.

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Interesting facts about R4

1: R4 paper is not a standard paper size

R4 paper is not part of the ISO 216 international paper size standard. It is a non-standard size that measures approximately 210 mm x 280 mm.

2: R4 paper originated in Japan

The R series of paper sizes, including R4, was developed in Japan. The "R" stands for "rotary" and refers to the printing presses used to print on this type of paper.

3: R4 paper is commonly used for printing manga

In Japan, R4 paper is often used for printing manga (Japanese comics). Its slightly larger dimensions compared to standard A5 make it suitable for displaying artwork and text in manga format.

4: The aspect ratio of R-series papers differs from ISO sizes

The aspect ratio (width-to-height ratio) of R-series papers, including R4, is different from the ISO sizes like A-series or B-series. This means that scaling between these two systems can result in slight cropping or white space.

5: The use of R-series papers varies by country

While the use of ISO standard sizes like A-series and B-series papers is widespread globally, the use of R-series papers such as R3 or R2 is more limited to specific regions like Japan. Therefore, finding printers compatible with these non-standard sizes might be more challenging outside those areas.

6: The dimensions of an unfolded A5 sheet are close to those of an unfolded R3 sheet

If you were to unfold an A5 sheet (148 mm x 210 mm), its dimensions would be very close to those of an unfolded R3 sheet (126 mm x 178 mm). This similarity in size allows for easy scaling and printing between these two paper types.