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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, R5 is a unique paper size that holds its own significance. This standard, recognized internationally, ensures consistency in paper sizes across different regions and industries. The R5 size is an integral part of this system.

The dimensions of an R5 paper are 162 x 229 mm or 6.4 x 9.0 inches. This makes it slightly larger than the A5 size but smaller than A4, providing a middle ground for those seeking a balance between compactness and writing space.

R5 paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect of the R5 and other ISO paper sizes is their aspect ratio - the ratio of width to height. Maintaining a constant aspect ratio allows for easy scaling between sizes without distortion or loss of content proportionality.

R5's unique dimensions make it ideal for various applications such as booklets, flyers, or brochures where traditional A-series sizes may not suffice. Its versatility extends to both personal and professional use cases.

The R5 paper size offers an excellent alternative within the ISO 216 series with its distinct dimensions and versatile applications.

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Interesting facts about R5

1: R5 Paper Size

R5 paper size is not a standard paper size in the ISO 216 international paper size series. It is a non-standard size that falls between A5 and A6 sizes.

2: Unique Dimensions

The dimensions of R5 paper are approximately 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8 in x 8.3 in). It is slightly taller and narrower than A6 paper, which measures 105 mm x 148 mm (4.1 in x 5.8 in).

3: Uncommon Usage

R5 paper is not commonly used for general printing purposes or office stationery. Its unique dimensions make it less practical for standard document printing.

4: Specialized Applications

R5 paper may find some specialized applications, such as creating small booklets, pocket-sized notebooks, or unique promotional materials that require a compact yet distinct format.

5: Limited Availability

Due to its non-standard nature, R5 paper may be less readily available compared to standard ISO sizes like A-series papers.

6: Custom Printing Orders

If you require R5-sized prints or products, you may need to place custom printing orders with specialized print shops that can accommodate non-standard sizes.

7: Historical Origins

The ISO international paper size series was developed based on the German DIN standard introduced in the early twentieth century to promote uniformity and ease of use across different countries.

8: Global Standardization Efforts

The ISO international paper size series includes widely used sizes like A4, which is the standard for most office documents in many countries, promoting compatibility and interchangeability.

9: Paper Size Series

The ISO 216 paper size series consists of several ranges, including the A-series (A0 to A10), B-series (B0 to B10), and C-series (C0 to C10), each with specific dimensions and purposes.

10: Paper Size Calculations

The ISO paper sizes are based on a mathematical formula where each size is derived by halving the longer side of the previous size. This ensures consistent proportions across the series.