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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, R8 is a unique paper size that holds its own significance. This standard, recognized internationally, ensures consistency across different countries and industries. The R8 paper size is part of this global system, contributing to the seamless exchange of information and ideas.

The dimensions of an R8 paper are 2.165 x 3.072 inches or 55 x 78 mm. This makes it one-eighth the size of an A4 sheet, hence its name 'R8'. Its compact size makes it ideal for specific applications where larger sizes would be impractical.

R8 paper dimensions


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One intriguing aspect about the R8 paper size is its aspect ratio - a distinctive feature of the ISO series. The ratio remains constant even when the paper is folded or cut in half parallel to its shorter sides. This means that regardless of how you manipulate it, your content will maintain its proportions without distortion.

While not as commonly used as other sizes in the ANSI series like Letter or Legal, R8 has found a niche in specialized areas such as ticketing systems and small-scale printing projects where space efficiency is paramount.

While it may not be your first choice for everyday printing needs, understanding the unique characteristics and potential applications of R8 can help you make more informed decisions when selecting your next print medium.

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Interesting facts about R8

1: R8 paper is part of the ISO 216 standard

R8 paper is a specific size within the ISO 216 standard, which is an international system for paper sizes. This standard was first introduced in 1975 and has been widely adopted around the world.

2: R8 paper measures approximately 163 mm x 229 mm

The dimensions of R8 paper are approximately 163 mm x 229 mm (6.42 in x 9.02 in). It falls between the larger R7 size and the smaller R9 size within the ISO series.

3: R8 paper is not commonly used

While many of the ISO paper sizes are widely used, such as A4 or A5, R8 paper is not as commonly found. It may be more specialized or niche in its applications.

4: The aspect ratio of R8 paper is √2

The aspect ratio of all ISO papers, including R8, is √2 (approximately equal to 1.414). This means that if you divide the longer side by the shorter side, you will always get this value.

5: The ISO series allows for easy scaling

The beauty of using a series like ISO for paper sizes is that each size can be easily scaled up or down while maintaining its aspect ratio. For example, two sheets of R9 can be placed next to each other to form an R8 sheet.

6: The origins of ISO paper sizes trace back to Germany

The concept behind standardized paper sizes originated in Germany during the early twentieth century. Driven by efforts to simplify paper production and usage, the DIN 476 standard was introduced in 1922, which later became the basis for ISO 216.

7: The ISO series includes both A and B paper sizes

The ISO 216 standard consists of two main series: A and B. The A series is commonly used for general printing purposes, while the B series is often used for posters, envelopes, and other applications where a slightly larger size is required.

8: R8 paper can be used for various purposes

Although not as widely known or used as some other sizes, R8 paper can still serve various purposes. It may be suitable for booklets, brochures, small flyers, or any application that requires a compact yet readable format.

9: The ISO system has expanded beyond the original DIN sizes

The original DIN standard included only four paper sizes (DIN A0 to DIN A3). However, with the introduction of ISO 216 in 1975, additional sizes were added to create a more comprehensive range of options.

10: R8 paper can be easily converted to other ISO sizes

If you have an R8 sheet but need a different size within the ISO series, it can be easily converted. For example, cutting an R8 sheet in half along its longer side will result in two sheets of R9 size.