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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, X3 paper size is a unique and less commonly known dimension in the realm of print media. This specific size, while not as prevalent as its A-series or B-series counterparts, holds its own distinctive place within the ISO framework.

The X3 paper size is part of an intriguing subset within the ISO 216 series. It's a testament to the comprehensive nature of this international standard that it includes such specialized dimensions. The meticulous design behind each paper size in this series ensures optimal usage and efficiency across various applications.

X3 paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect about X3 is its precise dimension. It measures exactly 229 x 322 millimeters, providing a unique canvas for designers and printers alike. This particular format offers an alternative choice for those seeking to break away from conventional sizes without compromising on quality or compatibility with printing equipment.

Moreover, it's worth noting that like all other sizes in the ISO 216 series, X3 adheres to the aspect ratio of √2:1. This means that regardless of how you scale it up or down, it will always maintain its shape - a feature that greatly enhances consistency in design and print processes.

While X3 may not be your everyday go-to paper size like A4 or Letter (ANSI A), it serves as an excellent reminder of how diverse and adaptable our standardized systems can be. Its existence within the ISO framework underscores our ability to cater to niche needs while maintaining global standards.

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Interesting facts about X3

1: X3 Paper is a Specialty Paper

X3 paper is a type of specialty paper that is specifically designed for high-quality printing and copying. It is known for its exceptional smoothness and brightness, making it ideal for professional documents and presentations.

2: X3 Paper is Acid-Free

X3 paper is acid-free, which means it has a neutral pH level. This makes it resistant to yellowing or deteriorating over time, ensuring that your documents will remain vibrant and durable for years to come.

3: X3 Paper Has High Opacity

The opacity of X3 paper refers to its ability to prevent show-through from the other side of the page. X3 paper has high opacity, which means it effectively blocks out any text or images printed on the reverse side, resulting in crisp and clear prints.

4: X3 Paper Comes in Various Sizes

X3 paper is available in various sizes to cater to different printing needs. Common sizes include letter (8.5 x 11 inches), legal (8.5 x 14 inches), and tabloid (11 x 17 inches). These size options ensure compatibility with most printers and copiers.

5: X3 Paper Meets Environmental Standards

X3 paper often meets environmental standards such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification or being made from recycled materials. This ensures that the production of X3 paper follows sustainable practices, minimizing its impact on forests and ecosystems.

6: The Origin of Global Paper Sizes

The global standard for paper sizes originated from the ISO A series, which was introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1975. The A series includes sizes such as A0, A1, A2, and so on, with each size being half the area of the previous one.

7: X3 Paper is Equivalent to ISO B4

X3 paper is equivalent to the ISO B4 size. The ISO B series is another set of standard paper sizes that are larger than the corresponding A series sizes. The B series includes sizes such as B0, B1, B2, and so on. X3 paper falls within this range.

8: X3 Paper is Part of a Larger Series

X3 paper belongs to a larger series known as the ANSI/ASME Y14.1 Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices Series. This series encompasses various types of engineering drawing papers used for technical illustrations and designs.

9: X3 Paper Offers Enhanced Durability

X3 paper is designed to be more durable than regular printing papers. It has higher tear resistance and can withstand frequent handling without easily creasing or tearing. This makes it suitable for documents that require extra durability.

10: X3 Paper Enhances Print Quality

The smooth surface of X3 paper allows ink or toner to adhere more effectively, resulting in sharper prints with vibrant colors and crisp text. Its high brightness level also enhances contrast, making images appear more vivid and text more legible.