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International Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, X4 paper size is a unique and less commonly known dimension in the realm of print media. This particular size, while not as prevalent as its A-series or B-series counterparts, holds its own distinctive place within the ISO framework.

The X4 paper size is part of an intriguing series that deviates from the more traditional A and B formats. It's a testament to the comprehensive nature of ISO 216, which caters to a wide array of printing and publishing needs. The versatility offered by this series is truly remarkable.

X4 paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect about X4 paper size lies in its dimensions. Unlike other sizes that follow a consistent aspect ratio, X4 breaks away from this norm. This deviation allows for greater flexibility in design layouts and print applications, making it an interesting choice for specific projects.

In terms of ANSI standards, there isn't a direct equivalent for X4. This further underscores its uniqueness within the global paper sizing landscape. While it may not be as widely recognized or utilized as other sizes, it certainly adds depth to our understanding of international paper standards.

Overall, while X4 may not be your go-to choice for everyday printing tasks, it serves as an intriguing example of how diverse and adaptable international paper sizing standards can be.

Other Formats in the International Envelope Series

Interesting facts about X4

1: X4 Paper Size

X4 paper is a non-standard paper size that measures 141.7 x 202 mm (5.58 x 7.95 inches). It is not part of the widely recognized ISO paper size series.

2: Origin of X Series

The X series of paper sizes originated in Germany and was primarily used for envelopes. The X sizes were designed to accommodate different envelope dimensions.

3: Envelope Compatibility

X4 paper is commonly used for creating envelopes that can hold A6-sized documents (105 x 148 mm). Its slightly larger dimensions allow for easy insertion and removal of A6 sheets.

4: Limited Availability

X series papers, including X4, are not as widely available as standard ISO sizes like A, B, or C. They are often specialty items and may require custom ordering from specialized suppliers.

5: Unique Applications

The compact size of X4 paper makes it suitable for various unique applications such as pocket-sized notebooks, small flyers, or promotional materials that aim to stand out from traditional formats.

6: Historical Significance

In the past, before the standardization of international paper sizes by ISO in the mid-20th century, many countries had their own unique systems for defining paper sizes. The X series was one such system used in Germany.

7: Envelope Naming Convention

In the German envelope naming convention based on the X series, each envelope size corresponds to a specific letter from A to G. For example, an envelope designed to fit an A6 sheet would be called an X4 envelope.

8: Customization Options

Due to the non-standard nature of X4 paper, it offers a level of customization for businesses and individuals who want to create unique stationery or marketing materials that deviate from traditional sizes.

9: Niche Market

X series papers, including X4, cater to a niche market and are often favored by artists, designers, and those seeking unconventional paper sizes for creative projects or specialized printing needs.

10: Compatibility Challenges

Using X series papers like X4 may pose challenges when it comes to compatibility with standard printers and copiers. It is important to ensure that your printing equipment can handle non-standard paper sizes before attempting to print on them.