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Belonging to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), the JIS B11 paper size is a unique and versatile format. It's part of the B series, which is designed to cover sizes not encompassed by the A series, typically used for posters, wall charts, and other large-format applications.

The dimensions of JIS B11 are 145 x 103 mm or 5.71 x 4.06 inches. This makes it an ideal choice for compact print materials such as small brochures or flyers that require a professional yet portable presentation.

JIS B11 paper dimensions


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Interestingly, unlike ISO or ANSI standards that are widely adopted globally, JIS standards are primarily used in Japan. However, due to their efficiency and practicality, they're gradually gaining recognition worldwide.

One noteworthy aspect of JIS B11 is its aspect ratio - approximately 1:1.4142 - which remains constant even when scaled up or down. This means you can increase or decrease your document size without distorting its proportions – a feature that offers immense flexibility in design and printing processes.

Whether you're creating marketing materials for local use in Japan or aiming for an international audience appreciating unique formats - incorporating the JIS B11 paper size could add an intriguing twist to your project while maintaining professional standards.

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Interesting facts about JIS B11

1: JIS B11 Paper Size

JIS B11 is a Japanese Industrial Standard paper size that measures 182 x 257 mm (7.17 x 10.12 inches). It is part of the JIS B series, which includes various paper sizes commonly used in Japan.

2: Origin of JIS B Series

The JIS B series was established by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee in 1975 to standardize paper sizes for office and printing use in Japan. The series includes sizes ranging from B0 (largest) to B10 (smallest).

3: Similarity to ISO Paper Sizes

The JIS B series is similar to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) A and B series, but with slight variations in dimensions. While both systems have a common aspect ratio of √2, the ISO A series has slightly different dimensions than its JIS counterpart.

4: Common Uses

JIS B11 paper size is commonly used for various purposes in Japan, including business correspondence, envelopes, brochures, and flyers. Its compact size makes it convenient for certain applications where a smaller format is desired.

5: Compatibility with Other Sizes

JIS B11 shares an aspect ratio of √2 with other sizes in the JIS B series. This means that it can be easily scaled or trimmed to fit larger or smaller sizes within the same series without significant distortion.

6: Historical Influence on Global Paper Sizes

The introduction of the JIS paper size system had an impact on global standards as well. The ISO later adopted some aspects of the JIS B series, leading to the development of the widely used ISO B series paper sizes.

7: JIS B11 and Envelope Compatibility

JIS B11 paper size is compatible with JIS B6 envelopes, which have dimensions of 176 x 125 mm (6.93 x 4.92 inches). This allows for easy pairing of paper and envelope sizes for various mailing purposes.

8: Uncommon Outside Japan

While JIS B11 is a standard paper size in Japan, it is relatively uncommon outside the country. Most international markets primarily use ISO paper sizes or other regional standards.

9: Paper Weight Considerations

The weight or thickness of JIS B11 paper can vary depending on its intended use. Common weights include 64 gsm (grams per square meter) for general office printing and up to 120 gsm for higher-quality brochures or promotional materials.

10: Availability and Accessibility

JIS B11 paper can be readily found in stationery stores, office supply shops, and online retailers within Japan. However, its availability may be limited in other parts of the world due to differences in standardization preferences.