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Belonging to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) B series, the JIS B8 paper size is a unique and versatile format. It's part of an internationally recognized system, designed to standardize paper sizes for efficiency and convenience.

The dimensions of JIS B8 are 62 x 88 mm or 2.44 x 3.46 inches, making it a compact choice for various applications. Despite its small size, it holds significant importance in the world of print and design.

JIS B8 paper dimensions


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Interestingly, the aspect ratio of all JIS B series paper sizes is √2:1. This means that when two sheets of any given size are placed side by side along their shorter edge, they form the next size up in the series. For instance, two JIS B9 sheets create a single sheet of JIS B8.

While not as commonly used as ISO or ANSI series papers in many parts of the world, this Japanese standard has its own unique place in specific industries and regions. It's often utilized for printing small brochures or leaflets where space efficiency is paramount.

While it may be less familiar than its ISO or ANSI counterparts, JIS B8 offers a distinctive blend of compactness and versatility that makes it an intriguing option within global print standards.

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Interesting facts about JIS B8

1: JIS B8 Paper Size

JIS B8 paper size is a Japanese standard paper size that measures 62 x 88 mm. It is commonly used for business cards and small notepads.

2: Unique Aspect Ratio

JIS B8 paper has a unique aspect ratio of approximately 1:1.42, which means the length is approximately 1.42 times the width.

3: Part of the JIS Series

JIS B8 belongs to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) series, which includes various paper sizes designated for different purposes in Japan.

4: Historical Origin

The JIS series was established in Japan during World War II to standardize paper sizes and reduce waste in printing and manufacturing processes.

5: Similar to ISO A7 Size

The dimensions of JIS B8 are similar to ISO A7 size (74 x 105 mm), but they are not interchangeable due to slight variations in measurements.

6: Uncommon Outside Japan

JIS B8 paper size is primarily used within Japan and may be less familiar or available outside of the country.

7: Versatile Usage

Besides business cards and notepads, JIS B8 can also be used for small labels, tickets, or as inserts for certain types of packaging.

8: Different from Standard Business Card Sizes

In many countries, standard business card sizes differ from JIS B8. For example, the common US business card size is typically larger at 3.5 x 2 inches (88.9 x 50.8 mm).

9: Precise Measurements

JIS B8 paper size has specific measurements defined by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee to ensure consistency and compatibility.

10: Adaptable Printing Techniques

Due to its small size, JIS B8 paper can be printed using various techniques such as offset printing, digital printing, or even specialized methods like letterpress or foil stamping.