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Belonging to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) B series, the JIS B9 paper size is a unique and intriguing standard. It's part of an ISO 216 international standard, which also includes the A and C series. The ISO 216 is globally recognized, excluding countries like Canada and the United States that primarily use ANSI standards.

The dimensions of a JIS B9 paper are 44 x 62 mm, making it one of the smallest sizes in its series. This compact size makes it ideal for specific applications such as printing small brochures or product inserts where space efficiency is paramount.

JIS B9 paper dimensions


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What sets JIS B9 apart from other paper sizes is its aspect ratio. Like all sizes in the B series, it maintains a unique aspect ratio of √2:1 even when folded in half parallel to its shorter sides. This characteristic ensures that the scale of each subsequent page remains consistent, providing an aesthetically pleasing continuity for printed materials.

Interestingly enough, despite being part of a Japanese standard system, JIS B9 has found widespread usage across different industries worldwide due to its practicality and versatility. From commercial printing to personal stationery needs - this humble yet powerful paper size continues to make its mark.

While seemingly insignificant at first glance, understanding nuances like these about paper sizes such as JIS B9 can significantly impact your print marketing strategies' effectiveness and efficiency.

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Interesting facts about JIS B9

1: JIS B9 Paper Size

JIS B9 paper size is a unique paper size used in Japan. It measures 45 mm × 64 mm, making it one of the smallest standardized paper sizes in the world.

2: Origami Paper

JIS B9 paper is commonly used for origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Its small size makes it ideal for creating intricate and delicate origami designs.

3: Compact Notebooks

JIS B9 paper is often used to create compact notebooks or memo pads due to its small dimensions. These notebooks are convenient for jotting down quick notes or reminders on the go.

4: Unique Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of JIS B9 paper is approximately 1:1.42, which means that its width is approximately 1.42 times its height. This unique aspect ratio sets it apart from other standard paper sizes.

5: Limited Availability

Due to its specialized use and small dimensions, JIS B9 paper may not be readily available in all countries or stationery stores outside of Japan. However, it can often be purchased online from specialty retailers.

6: Niche Applications

In addition to origami and compact notebooks, JIS B9 paper finds niche applications in printing miniature artwork, creating tiny labels or stickers, and even as a material for crafting miniature models.

7: Historical Origin

The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) system was established in the early twentieth century to standardize various industrial products and processes in Japan. The JIS B9 paper size was introduced as part of this system.

8: Similar to ISO B9

JIS B9 paper is similar in size to the ISO B9 paper, which measures 45 mm × 64 mm as well. However, there are slight differences in the tolerances and specifications between the two standards.

9: Not Widely Used Outside Japan

While JIS B9 paper is commonly used in Japan, it is not widely adopted or recognized outside of the country. Most international standardization bodies and countries follow different paper size systems such as ISO or ANSI.

10: Paper Size Evolution

The development of various paper sizes, including JIS B9, can be traced back to ancient times when different cultures had their own unique standards. Over time, these standards evolved and were eventually standardized on a global scale.