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US Broadsheet

US Broadsheet

The US Broadsheet, a prominent paper size in the world of print media, stands out due to its unique dimensions. Unlike the ISO A series or ANSI sizes, it measures 22 by 17 inches (559 by 432 mm), offering a larger canvas for newsprint and advertisements.

Originating from the traditional British broadsheet format, the US Broadsheet has been adopted widely across North America. Its expansive size allows for an extensive layout of content, making it a preferred choice for newspapers seeking to deliver comprehensive news coverage.

US Broadsheet paper dimensions


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Interestingly, despite its name suggesting breadth over length, the US Broadsheet is typically printed in portrait orientation. This orientation facilitates easier reading and handling while maintaining its distinctive large format appeal.

While digital media continues to rise in popularity, the tactile experience offered by the US Broadsheet remains unrivaled. Its substantial size not only provides ample space for detailed reporting but also creates an impactful visual impression that can significantly enhance reader engagement.

The US Broadsheet's unique dimensions and historical significance make it an enduring staple in print media. Despite not being part of any ISO or ANSI series, its influence on newspaper design and layout is undeniable.

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Interesting facts about US Broadsheet

1: The Origins of US Broadsheet Paper

US Broadsheet paper, also known as "newspaper size," has its origins in the British broadsheet newspaper format. It was introduced to the United States during the colonial period and has since become a standard size for newspapers in the country.

2: Dimensions of US Broadsheet Paper

The dimensions of US Broadsheet paper are typically 23 by 29 inches (584 by 737 mm). This large size allows for extensive content and advertisements to be printed on a single page.

3: Common Use in Newspapers

US Broadsheet paper is commonly used for printing newspapers due to its ability to accommodate large amounts of text and images. It provides ample space for news articles, feature stories, and advertisements.

4: Tabloid vs. Broadsheet

In contrast to US Broadsheet paper, which is larger in size, tabloid-sized papers are smaller and more compact. Tabloids are often associated with sensationalist journalism and celebrity gossip magazines.

5: Printing Challenges

The large dimensions of US Broadsheet paper pose challenges during the printing process. Specialized equipment is required to handle such large sheets efficiently, ensuring accurate registration and smooth production.

6: Historical Significance

Newspapers printed on US Broadsheet paper have played a significant role throughout American history. They have served as platforms for political debates, disseminated important information during times of crisis, and provided a means for public discourse.

7: Decline in Popularity

In recent years, the popularity of US Broadsheet paper has declined due to various factors. The rise of digital media and changing reading habits have led to a decrease in newspaper circulation, impacting the demand for this specific paper size.

8: Alternative Uses

Aside from newspapers, US Broadsheet paper can be repurposed for various creative projects. Its large size makes it suitable for creating posters, art prints, and other visual displays.

9: Environmental Impact

The production of US Broadsheet paper requires significant amounts of resources, including trees and water. As environmental concerns grow, efforts are being made to promote sustainable practices within the printing industry.

10: Global Variations

While US Broadsheet paper is commonly used in the United States, other countries have their own variations of broadsheet sizes. For example, British broadsheets are slightly larger at 29.5 by 23 inches (749 by 597 mm).