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Belonging to the ISO A series, the 10L paper size is a unique and versatile format. This specific size, measuring 102 x 152 mm or 4 x 6 inches, is part of the international standard that was established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO A series is globally recognized and widely used in various industries.

The beauty of the 10L paper size lies in its perfect aspect ratio. It maintains a consistent ratio of √2:1 across all sizes within the A series. This means that when you fold a sheet of this paper in half along its longest side, it will retain its original aspect ratio. This unique feature makes it an ideal choice for printing applications where maintaining visual consistency is crucial.

10L paper dimensions


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Moreover, this particular size has found significant usage in photo printing due to its dimensions closely resembling traditional photo print sizes. It's also commonly used for small-scale promotional materials such as flyers and postcards because it provides ample space for impactful visuals and persuasive copy without being too bulky or unwieldy.

In terms of compatibility with digital devices, many modern printers are designed to accommodate this specific paper size. This ensures high-quality prints with minimal adjustments needed on your end.

While not part of any ANSI series - which primarily caters to North American standards - the 10L paper size holds its own due to its universal appeal and practicality under ISO guidelines.

Whether you're looking to print stunning photographs or create compelling marketing materials, the versatility and convenience offered by the 10L paper size make it an excellent choice.

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Interesting facts about 10L

1. The Origin of 10L Paper

10L paper is part of the ISO 216 standard series, which was first introduced in Europe in the mid-20th century. It is commonly used for printing and writing purposes.

2. Dimensions of 10L Paper

The dimensions of 10L paper are 140 mm x 200 mm (5.51 inches x 7.87 inches). It has an aspect ratio of approximately 1:1.43.

3. Unique Size within the ISO Series

The size of 10L paper is not directly derived from any other standard ISO size, making it a unique addition to the series.

4. Common Uses

Due to its compact size, 10L paper is often used for creating small booklets, leaflets, brochures, and pocket-sized notebooks.

5. Popular in Japan

In Japan, the A6 size (105 mm x 148 mm) is more commonly used instead of the international standard size equivalent to a similar format as the A6 called B6 (125 mm x176 mm). However, some Japanese publishers use a slightly larger version known as "JIS B7" or "Kiku" that measures approximately 88 mm x125mm - close to the dimensions of a folded A8 sheet or half an A7 sheet.

6. Compatibility with Other Sizes

The dimensions of a single sheet of A5 paper are exactly twice that of a single sheet of 10L paper when comparing their width and height measurements.

7. Historical Connection with Envelopes

In some countries like Germany, 10L paper is used as the standard size for envelopes known as "Kuvert 10" or "DIN lang" envelopes.

8. Variations in Name

While it is commonly referred to as "10L paper," it may also be known by other names such as "DL paper" or "DIN lang paper."

9. International Recognition

The ISO 216 standard series, including 10L paper, is recognized and widely used in many countries around the world, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across borders.

10. Environmental Considerations

When choosing 10L paper or any other type of paper, it is important to consider its environmental impact. Opting for recycled or sustainably sourced papers can help reduce deforestation and promote a more eco-friendly printing industry.