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12R paper dimensions


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2A046.81 x 66.221189 x 1682119 x 1683370 x 4768
A120.51 x 0.7113 x 181 x 237 x 51
4A066.22 x 93.621682 x 2378168 x 2384768 x 6741
A110.71 x 1.0218 x 262 x 351 x 74
A101.02 x 1.4626 x 373 x 474 x 105
A3+12.95 x 19.02329 x 48333 x 48933 x 1369
A1+23.98 x 35.98609 x 91461 x 911726 x 2591
A0+35.98 x 50.87914 x 129291 x 1292591 x 3662
A64.13 x 5.83105 x 14811 x 15298 x 420
A55.83 x 8.27148 x 21015 x 21420 x 595
A48.27 x 11.69210 x 29721 x 30595 x 842
A311.69 x 16.54297 x 42030 x 42842 x 1191
A91.46 x 2.0537 x 524 x 5105 x 147
A216.54 x 23.39420 x 59442 x 591191 x 1684
A82.05 x 2.9152 x 745 x 7147 x 210
A123.39 x 33.11594 x 84159 x 841684 x 2384
A72.91 x 4.1374 x 1057 x 11210 x 298
A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

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Interesting facts about 12R

1. The Origin of 12R Paper

12R paper is part of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) series, which was developed in the United States. It is commonly used for commercial printing purposes.

2. Size and Dimensions

The dimensions of 12R paper are approximately 11 x 17 inches or 279 x 432 millimeters. It falls under the category of tabloid-sized paper.

3. Versatile Applications

Due to its larger size, 12R paper is often used for various applications such as posters, brochures, newsletters, and architectural drawings.

4. Compatibility with Printers

Most modern printers can handle printing on 12R paper without any issues. However, it's always recommended to check your printer's specifications before using this specific size.

5. Commonly Used in Photography

In the field of photography, many photographers prefer using 12R paper for printing their high-quality images due to its larger format and excellent color reproduction capabilities.

6. Availability and Cost

Compared to standard letter-sized or A-series papers, finding 12R paper might be a bit more challenging as it is not as widely available in stationery stores or office supply shops. Additionally, it may be slightly more expensive than smaller sizes due to its specialized use.

7. International Equivalents

The international equivalent of the ANSI series that includes the 12R size is known as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) series A3+. The dimensions are similar but not identical; however, they serve a similar purpose in different regions around the world.

8. Paper Weight and Thickness

12R paper is available in various weights and thicknesses, allowing users to choose the appropriate option based on their specific printing requirements. The weight typically ranges from 60 to 100 pounds (approximately 163 to 270 gsm).

9. Environmental Considerations

When purchasing 12R paper or any other type of paper, it's worth considering options that are certified by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or made from recycled materials to support sustainable practices.

10. Customization Options

For businesses or individuals looking for a unique touch, it is possible to have custom-made 12R paper with personalized watermarks, textures, or even specific colors.